Sylvia in wonderland

An old video on one of Sylvia Stolz previous imprisonments:

On February 15th 2007 A Jewish court operating in Germany sentenced Ernst Zundel a prominent civil rights activist kidnapped from Canada to five years imprisonment; his ‘crime’ to expose truths concerning WWII hidden by Jewish propaganda for over 60 years.

Ordering a media blackout the Jewish occupied German Judiciary commenced unhindered with foreign criminal court proceedings, knowing revelation of these truths undermined the legitimacy of any Jewish claim to the state of Israel.

Necessary to shield Jewish lies the outcome of the trial was a forgone conclusion.
Nevertheless, in defence, Sylvia Stolz the German harbinger of truth proved more than a match as with iron will, she laid bare Jewish courtroom deviance and cast light on their criminal transgressions.
To quell truth and justice the Jewish court imprisoned Sylvia for 3 years.

The video above contains an accurate dramatization depicting the farce that took place and continues to take place at similar trials around Europe.

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