RaGe[]: “murdering people en mass via ovens [sic] was effective”

RaGe[] says this on IRC in #thehax:

effective isn’t always good. like murdering people en mass via ovens [sic] was effective. doesn’t mean it should be done


First of all, this produced a big “rofl” for me. His one and only example is a big bluff — bogus. I assume he must be speaking about crematoriums located in the German concentration camps, in his one and only example. But I can only guess. There existed ovens in most concentration camps too, of course, or nearby, but those were exclusive to the bakeries and kitchens and to kill somebody in one of those ovens can be discarded as impossible, because nobody ever alleged it to have happened — not even in the most deranged of ”holocaust’ ‘eyewitness’ testimony does one read about somebody being murdered in the ovens of the bakery, or in the ovens used for the kitchen, nor is it rarely ever alleged that somebody was murdered in a crematorium (e.g chucked alive into a crematorium) — and never is it alleged to have been done “en masse”.

What sort of idiot would think murdering people “en masse” in ovens is effective? That’s so detached from reality it boggles the mind in a very eery manner.

Here’s a photograph of the former Auschwitz bakery:


If RaGe[] means crematoriums by saying ovens, he’s still in the wrong. Because nobody was ever murdered “en masse” in any of the crematoriums, either. A crematorium is something which is used to incinerate a corpse which has already been deceased.

If RaGe[] wants to delve into anti-German hate he could use a more intelligent [??] approach, for example:

murdering people en masse via gas chambers was effective

It would be a more intelligent thing to say something like that as its not entirely retarded as opposed to saying:

murdering people en mass via ovens [sic] was effective


That’s so retarded words fail me.