Pajero, who the f*ck are you.

* Pajero ( has joined #k0nsl
<Pajero> good morning k0nsl
* kz ( has joined #k0nsl
<Pajero> hi kz
<Pajero> u see k0nsl here
<kz> Pajero: Who the fuck are you.
<Pajero> is that a kind of attitude you have
<Pajero> fuck you too
<kz> I’m honestly curious, because no one here knows you.
<kz> You’re just some random asshat that makes my logs grow.
<kz> !seen k0nsl
<benito> k0nsl is currently online.
<kz> you fucking dumbshit.
<Pajero> but k0nsl knows me
<Pajero> i think u and slash are the same
<Pajero> or are u k0nsl?
<kz> You ask if k0nsl is online, and you ask, even though I just joined the channel. Its fucking obvious that he’s here.
<Pajero> okay im sorry
* Pajero has quit (“”)
<r4t> lmfao
<slash> that dude is something else