Anyone who has the nerve and audacity to doubt the 6 million innocent lives taken at this point in history is a sick and twisted individual.
- Tiffany Ali, 2016
What can we say about former Krematorium III Sonderkommando member David Olère coolly telling me in 1981 that the SS made sausages of human flesh [“Kremawurst”], except that he was still living in the nightmare that had been imposed on him and recounted anything that came into his head, whereas I held in my hands his own drawings of 1945-47 which are masterpieces of authenticity.
- Jean-Claude Pressac, Auschwitz: Technique & Operation of the Gas Chambers
k0nsl looks like he is involved in many filthy acts [homosexuality], which is his right, in Canada, US, Israel etc....but this same Ken Okeefe, his hero will not tell him, that he can't freely express himself as a gay man in Gaza or any region other than Israel.
- Daniel Moshe Johnson, Jewish Defense League, 2016

Leocadio Jiménez Caravaca

Leocadio Jiménez Caravaca, was known as “Psycho” during his time on the Eastern Front for his risk taking. In 1977, 2 years after the fall of Franco’s regime, he was arrested for an attempt to blow up communist sympathizing lawyers [1] in Spain. His answer was unequivocal: “the best part of my life was spent blowing up communists, I never once thought of retiring”.

  1. Señor Caravaca, who had been a brave fighter in División Azul, was actually accused of supplementing weapons and ammunition which was intended to be used to remove communists — mainly corrupt communist lawyers.
    Source: Jiménez Caravaca y Gloria Herguedas también se desdicen de sus primeras declaraciones, El País, 1980

Honour and Remember Il Duce (2016)

Today we remember the cowardly murder of Benito Mussolini.
We will cherish the memory of this magnificent man whether the so-called democracies like it or not.

‘Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day.’ — Benito Mussolini

Shut up, shut up Muslim!

Čuti, Čuti, muslimanski !

My wooden Raspberry Pi 3 case

Made from 100% birch wood sourced from Birkenau

I plan on using it as another device dedicated purely for development.

Muslim extremist: “k0nsl is racist german nazi!”

I am apparently a vicious “raycist”, a “nazi” and also German — for pointing out (to a Muslim) how old Aisha was when she got married to Mohammed; according to most sources I have seen (including on heavily censored sites such as “Wikipedia”) Aisha appears to have been between six or eight years old when Mohammed married her. I don’t think she had much say in whether she wanted to marry him or not.
At any rate, these Muslims, and it includes this Egyptian guy who calls itself “t0xic” either support this blatant act of paedophilia or they don’t. Simple. In t0xic’s case it appears to me that he’s defending such behaviour, judging by how he reacted by adding me to his ignore list, and then went on to call me a bunch of names on a totally different IRC network in order to rally up sympathy from easily fooled cuckolds…

I write in the title of this post “extremist” because I find it extremely foul to defend paedophilia, no matter if you’re a muslim or a jew. Et cetera.