Adolf Hitler on women


I have been accused of being anti-Jewish. In reality I wish the Jews no harm. What I demand is the right to speak of the Jews just as freely as I speak, for example, of the Germans. And I ask that the Jews be deprived of the right to harm me, whether physically (between 1978 and 1993, I was attacked ten times by Jews), or by means of a special law that they finally got enacted on July 13, 1990, and which in France is known as the ‘Fabius-Gayssot Law’, the ‘Faurisson Law’, or the ‘Anti-revisionist Law’.
- Professor (ret.) Robert Faurisson, Adelaide, 9 November 2003
So out of curiosity, what does the famous k0nsl do for pastime? You can't be all work and no play? And you don't seem to be involved in the old games we played and the old forums we used to visit.
- Mercenary666, k0nsl-archives, 2005