On the subject of Einsatzgruppen

From a post by ‘Rollo the Ganger’ on RODOH.


Northman, it is encumbent upon YOU to present to us what evidence YOU have of your allegations of mass murder. It’s not our responsibility to show or tell you what to show us to prove YOUR allegations. What evidence do you have? You seem convinced so what do you have that convinces you? Show us. The photos of a bunch of naked women lying on the ground is not proof of anything. It is not even proof of what you are saying the pictures show. There is no proof those are dead bodies of women who have been shot in the head by the men in uniform around them. There is no blood, no broken skulls, no brain matter strewn about, … nothing. Nothing that says these people are dead. Just two pictures of women lying on the ground with uniformed men standing over them. The two pictures taken at different times show the women are moving about. Not something dead people do. Can you imagine asking your question to a Judge at a murder trial?

The Judge would ask: “What evidence do you have that the accused killed anybody?”
Northman: “What evidence do you want?”

I’m sure that would go over well with the Judge.

I’m sure the Judge would then ask: “What evidence do you have?”
Northman: “Two pictures of a lot a naked women lying on the ground with a few gunslingers standing over them.”

Judge: “Case dismissed.”