odds0cks: “do you still deny the holocaust?”

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<k0nsl> https://k0nsl.org/blog/new-cpanel-server/

<Taylor> URL Found: New cPanel server! | k0nsl’s blog

<odds0cks> haven’t seen you around in forever k0nsl

<odds0cks> forgive me for being silly but …

<k0nsl> :)

<odds0cks> do you still deny the holocaust?

<k0nsl> of course.

<odds0cks> or am I confusing you with someone else

<odds0cks> you were on cruel-intentionz back in the day? not to mention a bunch of other forums

<k0nsl> yeah :]

<Digerati> haha

<Digerati> blast from the past

<odds0cks> indeed

<Digerati> odds0cks: did you have a different nick back then?

<Digerati> i don’t remember you

<odds0cks> I’ve gone by a few, I won’t mention

<odds0cks> I know you Digerati …

<k0nsl> (horror movie music)

<k0nsl> I beg my pard for that, Digerati.

<Digerati> :(

<k0nsl> anyway, glad to hear from somebody I presumably knew back in the day :D