Mónus Áron: “Jews murdered gendarmes.”

Mónus Áron wrote in 2006 to me:

I used to write studies for the books which I translate to Hungarian. That is what I have done also in the case of Jérôme and Jean Tharaud’s book entitled ‘Jewish domination in Hungary on the basis of Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’. I always endeavour to make my writings well-founded. For the illustration of this statement I quote now a paragraph from the introduction that I wrote to the book published on the 22nd of October 2003, page 46:

“For a similar reason I recall what happened to three gendarme officers, Oszkár Fery gendarme lieutenant-general, Sándor Borhy and János Menkina gendarme lieutenant-colonels, whom Jews, on the 22nd of April 1919, dreadfully tortured, then murdered and threw into the river Danube. In order to disguise similar outrageous deeds commited by Jews in 1919, at present the Jews insist on their invented whopping lie according to which in 1944 gendarmes carried out unlawful acts against them. The Jews commit crime, they commit the crime of profanation against the members of the Hungarian Royal Gendarmerie, who, with honesty and according to the prescriptions of the law, performed their duties. For his lies with Nobel prize rewarded Imre Kertész also diffuses these lies in his “literary” works: he can’t say concrete thing or names, he speaks only in broad generalities. Nevertheless it is true that Jews, clothed in Hungarian arrow-cross uniform, rallied together other Jews, who were thought to an-hearted, and shot them into the river Danube. In consequence of this the Jews still defame the Hungarians. It is a fact that Jews murdered gendarmes, and gendarmes didn’t murder Jews.”

On the 6th of March 2006, in Budapest, the Supreme Court has passed a sentence such that perfectly corresponds with my text that I have written, in 2003, in the introduction for the above-mentioned book, about the Hungarian Royal Gendarmerie, who, in olden times, always proceeded lawfully against the Jewish criminals.

The moral depravity in Hungary is also characterized by the fact that István Hiller, the Hungarian Socialist Party, the Alliance of Free Democrats, Zoltán Pokorni and the FIDESZ consider the Jewish criminal named Endre Ságvári as their ideal Jew. Streets, schools, institutions are named after Endre Ságvári, for instance in Szeged.

Yours sincerely,
Mónus Áron,