Kill the Hoax — Give generously!

I rec’d this from Mr. Berg five minutes ago:

Help Revisionist Video Start-ups Kill the HOAX!

Put a stake through the heart of the most horrendous pack of racist lies ever. We can do it with enough help from you! Let us kill the holocaust monster once and for all–not just for you but for all those you love and care about including many future generations. Holocaust revisionism has libraries of irrefutable evidence–but holocaust zombies like Steven Spielberg and the USHMM still have vast resources to spread their filth through the mass media. Internet videos, however, allow revisionists to spread the truth worldwide, today–in spite of everything. Our resources are minuscule but new technology changes the balance of power if we get some help. So, help us, please! Twenty dollar bills without a return address certainly help but do NOT get us far.

I used the word “start-ups” (plural) in the title for this email. Help them all–but for the moment, one start-up stands out which has already produced several stunning videos with more under way. A high-tech revisionist studio with state-of-the-art computers and software and screens is needed and is already being built. Tell all your friends and contacts–but our success depends on you especially. So, please be as generous as you possibly can with a check made out to:

20th Century Hoax

4757 E. Greenway Rd. #107B27
Phoenix, AZ 85032 USA


Friedrich Paul Berg

Learn everything at

Nazi Gassings Never Happened!  Niemand wurde vergast!