Judaism is Racism! If you are against racism, you must be anti-Semitic as well. Nearly everyone on the planet was racist a few decades ago, myself included--but we have matured and learned to respect our fellow man, generally, regardless of race. Jews, however, have managed to protect themselves as a group from this social revolution playing their holocaust card in every way possible. Without the holocaust hoax, they are doomed as a race. For them, the holocaust hoax is an existential issue. Shimon Perez, former Israeli Prime Minister and a Nobel prize winner, has often said that Israel must always maintain a Jewish majority. The Palestinian numbers within any state of Israel must always be controlled. Just try to imagine such a program espoused anywhere else on the planet by any other ethnic group. Calls of "racism" would follow instantly--and rightly so. So, if you are opposed to racism, then that is just one more reason to oppose the holocaust hoax as well. The holocaust hoax is just a tool of Jewish racism--no doubt, its most powerful tool. Nothing good comes from it. The worst that may come from it is a nuclear world war to defend Israel from people who merely want their land back.
- Friedrich Paul Berg, NaziGassings.com (Nazi Gassings Never Happened!)