“If you beg for it, you get it.”

Whilst I have no time for these exhibitionist morons, I find it disgusting that they were attacked by a man who is almost twice their size. No male with any shred of dignity should behave in this manner towards a woman, even if the woman concerned is behaving like a retard. I understand that Pussy Riot have disrupted religious services and that they clearly have no respect for the beliefs of others, but hitting people with a crop is assault and if they are on private property they should simply be removed by the people concerned. Violence is not the answer.

Aren’t they (PR) staunch supporters of feminism, demanding to be treated just the same as any man, and that there’s no differences between the sexes? I don’t think that retard would’ve agreed with you, Mr. Southgate.
Her ideology dictates that there is no differences between a man and a woman; so in her mind it was probably like being hit by a heavy woman who was unusually strong. I am not saying it was OK to hit her, or that you should hit a woman (if she even calls herself that), but I have no sympathy at all for the incident. If you beg for it, you get it.