I just found the IHR site

I just found the www.ihr.org site very interesting (got it from your SMW – http://www.megasecurity.org/trojans/s/system33r/SMW1.4.3.html), thanks, I think I’ll spend quite some time reading that info.
Yes I am indeed Russian , but currently living in Canada, the ‘holocaust controversy’ wasn’t the idea that caught my eye , it was an article about one of Stalin’s genocides that did, a rather interesting article indeed! Sorry, I am not really a letter type of person , I enjoy reading long emails but just can’t seem to properly structure one nor am I capable of finding out exactly what to say, anyhow if you want I would love to have you on my MSN (same as this email address) and am really interested in any further updates / new projects of yours. I would also like to hear your version of the holocaust since it seems to affect you a lot and to be honest I have yet to hear one denial of it (as I said I haven’t really read anything about it, and it’s a lot more interesting coming from a person rather from an article) and am really intrigued in the other side of the story, I know as well as you do that every story has another side, I just haven’t had the chance to hear ‘the other side’ yet which is rather sad in my opinion, anyhow , looking forward to hearing from you k0nsl.

Ilya Zakharov