“I hope Stockholm boys tear you up”

This person was the founder of a medium sized “trojan” underground forum which — for the most part — gathered people who ripped each others source codes (i.e “lamers”). He’s from Norway.


* j-v-2 (~chatzilla@Rizon-A8E58047.loqal.no) has joined #taunet
<j-v-2> k0nsl din lille nazi gutt
<k0nsl> Hej!
<j-v-2> hei
<j-v-2> cant believe u still here u bastard
<k0nsl> Me neither.
<j-v-2> you should be in jail
<j-v-2> i hope stockholm boys tear u up
<j-v-2> vet du hvem jeg er?
<k0nsl> Ja.
<j-v-2> dude.. i just checked ur blog
<j-v-2> u started hating on muslims too now?
<k0nsl> Ah, but pray tell: since when the hell do I “hate” anybody?
<k0nsl> Look here you backwards ****; just because one doesn’t love this, that or the other, does not automatically translate into “hating” any of it — also, when is writing the truth as one perceives it equivalent with ‘hate’?
<j-v-2> jeg håper innvandrerne i sverige voldtar deg og landet ditt [translation: “I hope the immigrants in Sweden rapes you and your land”]
* k0nsl yawns