“I give you 3 days k0nsl.”

[05:35] <slashsux> k0nsl|prv
[05:35] <slashsux> you around?
[06:00] <slashsux> god damn it
[06:03] <slashsux> I give you 3 days k0nsl. before I hire assassins to not even kill you. to just fuck with you, and watch you, and break in and get rid of things like.. a hair brush, and put caps lock on when you know you left it off. and every morning, the refrigerator will be slightly ajar, and you will wonder if they took a drink of something
[06:04] <slashsux> you’ll eventually start marking things, the level of drinks, and then every morning, the drinks will be below the sharpie line, and you freak the fuck out.
[06:04] <slashsux> and its perfect, because you’ll never change your fucking locks. because youre stupid.
[06:04] <slashsux> OR
[06:04] <slashsux> OR
[06:04] <slashsux> OR
[06:04] <slashsux> which, I prefer to happen…
[06:04] <slashsux> you just be a good system admin, and fix the god damn services.