Dear Friends! I am surprised Swedes would remember Dresden, or the Gustloff or anything else which has been done to my country for that matter. The problem with these remembrances is, there is so much to be remembered, it staggers the mind. Not long ago there was a tremendously (even if confusingly designed) site out of Norway, called Deutsche-Zeitung. This site covered the horrendous crimes committed by the Czechs after the war as well as those of the Norwegians and some others. Unfortunately, this site has disappeared, because the information it contained was mind boggling. The lady who created the site was Anna Druus, if memory serves. I remember her asking for contributions and bitterly commenting on how little the response was. THIS is the problem with us Nordic people - we do not stick together, but let ourselves be divided as easy as 1-2-3. I have often wondered how it is, that Sweden, which was an equal trading partner of Germany during the war years and treated with the utmost respect, would turn against us as viciously as it did. Swedish authorities, against all international norms, not to forget human decency and morality, turned over to the Soviets several hundred German soldiers who had sought refuge in your land after fighting ferociously against insane Soviet numerical superiority until running out of ammunition. They were turned over under the most inhumane circumstances, at the point of the gun, bayonets and screaming Swedish soldiers who behaved as bestially as any Russian. All Germans, heroes to the last man and defenders of OUR civilization were murdered by the Soviets. Why not mention this in all of its starkness on your site.
- Gerry Frederics to the Dresden Committee in 2006