‘Holocaust History News is a Holocaust denial site’

Just so you are aware, Holocaust History News is a Holocaust denial site. It’s supposed to look “official” to lure in the casual reader with their outright lies. So no. There is no truth to it.


This Bernardito, who is moderator in /r/AskHistorians at Reddit, fails to list even one “outright lie”. The person insinuates that there are several since he speaks in plural.  The topic of discussion was my document titled THE JEWS DECLARE WAR ON GERMANY (IN 1933) and to my knowledge there is not a single error in this particular document.

Bernardito (could this be the infamous Bernard from ‘Holocaust Controversies’?) bumbles on and goes on to say this:

Regarding the quotes: Usually, in a site like this, they’re either taken out of context or purely fabricated. For example, the David A. Brown quote can apparently only be sourced from an anti-semitic book.


This is generalization without substantiation of statement. Also, just because an alleged ‘anti-Semitic’ book has the quote does not make the source or the quote itself invalid. This sort of argumentation is at the most childish.


Source: http://knsl.net/28019