“Revealed” Hitler’s Private World

With regard to this video Mr. Friedrich P. Berg said the following in 2006:

The greatest man of the twentieth century, Adolf Hitler, appears in the home movies that were made without microphones–but now, with sound added using a newly-developed, lip-reading technology. Hitler was warm and charming, witty and gracious, and even self-effacing just as admirers have always said he was. The revisionists are vindicated once again–and it just goes on, and on.

The Jews are not even mentioned in the home movies. Such a disappointment already for the Jews and other hatemongers, especially quack “historians” such as Richard J. Evans who actually managed to put himself into the same video

Why they bothered to do this “documentary” is beyond me. The most of the clips already had sound and one could hear Hitler speak in his natural voice — so this is nothing of particular value. For example, see this clip: Rarest Document on YouTube?! 1939-Hitler and Friends-Col/Snd, turn up the volume and you will hear his voice. This clip is featured as a great discovery and “re-voiced”.