Friedrich Paul Berg: “Should Jews be Tolerated? If so, why?”

Mr. Berg writes:

Jews in general have clearly branded themselves as among the worst scoundrels in all of human history–if not the very worst–and now, they have been caught. So, what to do about it? Should Jews be banned and imprisoned the way National Socialists and Holocaust Revisionists are banned in Germany and elsewhere? If not, why not? Aren’t the lies and atrocities committed by Jews–continuing to this very day–at least as horrible as anything attributed to the Nazis? On this website, one monstrous Jewish lie after another has been unravelled. .

The holocaust hoax is, of course, the worst offense yet to human intelligence and decency. Jews should be punished for their deep rooted mendacity, of course. But how? What huge mountain of money would be enough just for their holocaust lies? A hundred billion dollars? Several trillion dollars? Why not? It seems unimaginable today that more than a few pennies of what they owe the world will ever be collected.

But short of compensation, can’t the world at least insist that their vile and racist “religion” NOT be tolerated. Judaism is racism. Just read the Old Testament if you have the slightest doubt that Judaism is racism. If racism is to be condemned more and more, and rightly so–why should Judaism NOT be condemned as well? Should Jewish activities be tax-exempt and even subsidized as they are today? Of course, NOT!

To paraphrase the words of one Jewish hatemonger, Herbert Marcuse, I suggest we adopt the slogan: “No Tolerance for Judaism.”