Fags are only in the Castro district

<stm> fags are only in the castro district
<relapse> you know where theres a ton of fags?
<relapse> chicago.
<relapse> No joke
<relapse> queers everywhere
<relapse> theres a fag district here called Boystown
<stm> castro is fun
<relapse> but like
<relapse> they escaped
<relapse> yea man
<relapse> like
<relapse> i would almost prefer that the niggers come up from the southside
<relapse> instead of seeing 2 drunk dudes sucking each others dicks in an alley on my home from the bar
<relapse> or finding shit covered condoms behind my office
<relapse> not kidding
<relapse> there was once a pile of human shit with a condom on top of it behind my apartment
<[ill]will> they make a good soup
<relapse> [ill]will: is this you? http://yourserv.us/
<stm> sounds like you live in a nice area
<relapse> stm: i actually do, haha
<relapse> like, it was always all white rich folks
<relapse> now its like faggots and club-tier douche shit
<[ill]will> yep
<stm> i lived in a nortenos gang zone in SF
<stm> few murders within a couple blocks
<relapse> nah
<relapse> the worst thing that ever happens in north chicago is like gay pride day
<relapse> oh
<relapse> and there are fucking jews everywhere
<relapse> not like “kind of” jews
<relapse> like
<relapse> i mean
<relapse> go to temple
<relapse> etc
* relapse has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)