Discrediting k0nsl by branding him an anti-Semite?

In a discussion yesterday I had about the ‘holocaust’ several individuals came to my defense, one of them was this person:

Not any better really. The point was you were attempting to discredit k0nsl by branding him an anti-Semite and bigot. The problem is, that is very difficult to prove short of him admitting it. And even if he were to admit it, it still does not in any way discredit arguments he makes.

Your cries of anti-Semitism appear to everyone else as a defense mechanism. It only shows that you are so insecure in your own beliefs that you feel you cannot argue them without attacking your opponent on a personal level. Oddly enough, despite how strongly you and others feel about the subject, this is usually the way it goes. In fact, four others have done it in this conversation alone.