Christos Pappas: “Forward, Always Forward, Don’t Fear Them!”


Last Wednesday, after the scheduled speech at the offices of the local organization of Athens, the unlawfully imprisoned Golden Dawn MP and parliamentary spokesperson, Christos Pappas, spoke from within the prison cells of honor.

Bellow is our comrade Christos Pappas’ message:

Beloved comrades and friends of the movement, I convey my greetings and also the greetings of our leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, our MPs Ioannis Lagos, Kasidiaris Ilias, Panagiotis Iliopoulos, Giorgos Germenis, and Nikos Kouzilos.

With this opportunity I would like to congratulate you on the magnificent memorial this past Saturday, which honored, as it should have, after twelve months, our heroic dead, the heroes of our movement, Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis. The turnout was magnificent, and it alarmed our political adversaries. Twelve months since the 1st of November, and thirteen months from the imprisonment of the first MPs, the leader, Ioannis Lagos and myself. If you estimate it then, in about 150 days we will be with you. Very proper for the trial, my opinion, if there is a trial.

They, as you can see, are waiting, the independent and unchecked voices of justice. Of course the media pimps and the executive powers, in other words the traitorous coalition Samaras-Venizelos and the rest of the incorrectly labeled “constitutional arc”, didn’t accept and can’t accept our presence. It’s unacceptable to them for someone to be a Greek, for someone to be an Orthodox Christian, for someone to be a Golden Dawner. So we answer them that we are proud to be nationalists, we are proud to be Golden Dawners, we are nationalists, we work for our nation, we aren’t passive nationals or patriots, we are nationalists, we mustn’t forget that.

I want you to recognize this, friends, comrades, that our nation needs Golden Dawn, needs every one of us individually. Greece can only be saved by the agonists, she can only be saved by the Golden Dawners, by the independent and free, by the pure, active nationalists, and don’t look at these as beautiful words, they aren’t just words. In Golden Dawn there is a vision, there are solutions, there are people, young scientists, there are Golden Dawner, and not employee’s of Bobolas or the parliamentarians. They will do their best not just for the upcoming elections, but also for the success of Golden Dawn. So that Golden Dawn can become the backbone of the sole solution for our fatherland, known as the National Government.

I must close, in ten minutes our cells will lock. I want to conclude by urging you all to have faith, have trust in your ideas and in our ideas, all you youths must believe, and the mature as well, that Golden Dawn is truly the hope of the nation.

Comrades, I want to close with a message I wrote on the 3rd of October of 2013, when the decision for our imprisonment was made, and say: “Forward, always forward , don’t fear them! Ideas can’t be imprisoned. Victory is ours! Greece above all else!”

Long live the untamable struggle of the Greek nationalists of Golden Dawn! Long live our leader, the General Secretary Nikolaos Michaloliakos. Good bye, may you all be well!

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