Mustardman goes bananas: “it should ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT be allowed!”


Incidentally his last comment on that “bug report” is also his funniest one:

Seeing the number of containers on a node should ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT be allowed! If there is enough interest to make it a feature (I highly doubt there is) someone can enable fine but NO WAY should container owners ever be able to see this kind of information on the node by default.

Please add this patch to the kernel asap.



Don't laugh - He is way more (also long term) successful than most hosts that came and left over the years. I am watching him since years, like one watches a funny mammal in the zoo, but I have no explanation why or any idea how he survived, but he obviously found his niche. He does not seem to be a bad guy though. Just always good for hilarious surprises...
- Amitz about Windows Xen VPS "Expert" Chandra Parkash in 2015 , LET