Honour and Remember Il Duce (2016)

Today we remember the cowardly murder of Benito Mussolini.
We will cherish the memory of this magnificent man whether the so-called democracies like it or not.

‘Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day.’ — Benito Mussolini


Invitation to Custodela



I. Custodela Reunion
19-20 December 2015, Ásotthalom
The I. Custodela Reunion is expecting all those people from all over Europe who are ready to ally and act together for Europe and to organize themselves by following the guidance and instructions of the Custodela-plan, which is the most effective method of resistance that uses the resources of mass communication and guerilla-marketing.
We are calling and waiting for the active Europeans!
Location: Ásotthalom, Hungary – where illegal migration was stopped
Date: 19-20 December 2015.
10:00 Opening speech of László Toroczkai, the Mayor of Ásotthalom, introducing the Custodela-plan
11:00 Speeches of the participants (preliminary registration required)
13:00 Lunch (flavors of Ásotthalom)
14:00 Visiting the fence on the Hungarian – Serbian border, the external – Schengen – border of the European Union, having a look at the Hungarian, Slovakian, Czech and Polish police and army forces protecting the border together.
17:00 Workshop
19:00 Dinner (flavors of Ásotthalom)
20:00 Concert (Hungarian and European folk music)
8:00 Breakfast (flavors of Ásotthalom)
9:00 Workshop
12:00 Lunch (flavors of Ásotthalom)
13:00 Workshop
15:00 Closing ceremony
Attending the Reunion requires preliminary registration. The place of the Reunion and the catering is provided by the Local Municipality, but the costs of the journey and the accommodation should be paid by the participants. We will help all participants in finding and booking suitable accommodations and if needed, we provide airport transfer service, from Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport to Ásotthalom.
Please, register at following e-mail address:

The six million!

Like this if you cry errytime

This is what Nationalism really is

In this video we will be showing a side of nationalism that the television has been hiding from us for years

For some people this video will open their hearts and eyes, as it gives you another perspective of nationalism.

Watch this video with an open heart. This is nationalism from a nationalist’s perspective, and not from a biased media or negative person’s perspective.

This is what nationalism really is and has been from the beginning. This is nationalism as it should be.