DRM -- The practice of giving someone encrypted data, the decryption algorithm, and the decryption key, then trying to control how they use the decrypted data.
- Simon Richard Clarkstone
And this is what truly intrigues me about Elixir. Despite the fact that it is a very modern language, it is quite small. You can read through the language guide in a few hours and have a pretty good grasp on the core concepts. I love this. I'd much rather spend cognitive cycles on figuring out how to solve a problem instead of figuring out which construct in the language should be used. This also leads to much quicker mastery. Use 10 constructs 100 times each and you'll get them intuitively much faster than if you use 100 constructs 10 times each.
- Aaron Lebo, The UNIX Philosophy and Elixir as an Alternative to Go, 2015

Mustardman goes bananas: “it should ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT be allowed!”


Incidentally his last comment on that “bug report” is also his funniest one:

Seeing the number of containers on a node should ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT be allowed! If there is enough interest to make it a feature (I highly doubt there is) someone can enable fine but NO WAY should container owners ever be able to see this kind of information on the node by default.

Please add this patch to the kernel asap.


Source: https://bugzilla.openvz.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3234


I’ve been trying to optimize my 0bin fork today and so far it’s gone better than I had hoped for…

Like most working humans, developers demand caffeine. The average developer drinks 2.2 servings of coffee, tea, Surge, or other caffeinated beverage every day. Nordic devs drink much more coffee than most.
- Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2015, Chapter "Technology" (VIII. CAFFEINE)