DRM -- The practice of giving someone encrypted data, the decryption algorithm, and the decryption key, then trying to control how they use the decrypted data.
- Simon Richard Clarkstone


I’ve been trying to optimize my 0bin fork today and so far it’s gone better than I had hoped for…

This crack was needed. I have heard that phase II of the Genuine Advantage program is going to create more "consumer enhancements" for all audio and video streams; depending on your status, random hiss and frame sync errors are to be inserted into the stream in an effort to emulate mainstream DRM offered in proprietary operating systems. As an exciting bonus, a tilt-a-wheel feature is also planned to randomly disable various components to even more accurately emulate the genuine advantage regular customers enjoy. Keep your current ISO disks, it won't take long before downloading a DRM free version of the Linux operating system is against the law.
- TripleII in 2007 ("Linux Genuine Advantage Cracked!")

The “Vivaldi” Web Browser

Vivaldi, a really decent browser with great looks and functionality:

Vivaldi will adapt as you browse the web. A clean and modern interface to complement the content you are browsing. It’s also highly customizable – don’t like the tabs on top? Simply put them where you want, bottom, left or right.

I’m <3’ing it. Try it and let me know what you think in the comments!

A cursory glance at Windows 10 Technical Preview

This is a cursory glance at Windows 10 Technical Preview (build 9926). It’s very basic and will only give you a general idea of how it will look compared to Windows 8.1.

I don’t actually discuss anything in the video. It’s just raw footage. A clip I put together in the spur of the moment, as always. So you know what that means ;-)

In reality, I never intended to upload this at all. However, why not?