I have been accused of being anti-Jewish. In reality I wish the Jews no harm. What I demand is the right to speak of the Jews just as freely as I speak, for example, of the Germans. And I ask that the Jews be deprived of the right to harm me, whether physically (between 1978 and 1993, I was attacked ten times by Jews), or by means of a special law that they finally got enacted on July 13, 1990, and which in France is known as the ‘Fabius-Gayssot Law’, the ‘Faurisson Law’, or the ‘Anti-revisionist Law’.
- Professor (ret.) Robert Faurisson, Adelaide, 9 November 2003
Alone the fact that one may not question the Jewish “holocaust” and that Jewish pressure has inflicted laws on democratic societies to prevent questions—while incessant promotion and indoctrination of the same averredly incontestable ‘holocaust’ occur—gives the game away. It proves that it must be a lie. Why else would one not be allowed to question it? Because it might offend the “survivors”? Because it “dishonors the dead”? Hardly sufficient reason to outlaw discussion. No, because the exposure of this leading lie might precipitate questions about so many other lies and cause the whole ramshackle fabrication to crumble.
- Gerard Menuhin, TELL THE TRUTH & SHAME THE DEVIL, p.305
There should be no "historical facts" who needs the protection of law to stand firm - a historical event that is true can stand on its own merits. The story of what happened to the Jews during WWII can not stand on its own merits; it requires imprisonment of researchers; imprisonment of individuals who question aspects of it; it feels it necessary to utilize torture to get a confession out of those who served in those fateful years; it required several foul show trials to establish itself as "proven history".
- Franz Holtzhäuser, "Back on track", Holocaust History Archive, 2007

Horst Mahler: Cry for Help!

In 1946 the Allied Military Tribunal at Nuremberg declared itself to be an instrument of “a continuation of the war effort of the Allied nations” against Germany – IMT, XIX, p. 397.
To this day courts in Germany are bound by any of the tribunal’s statements, as codified in the 4+2 treaties of 1990, and cannot challenge their validity. However, this makes a mockery of Germany’s Basic Law (Grundgesetz) that has enshrined “freedom of opinion” as one of its pillars – Section 5.
And so in order to circumvent Section 5 of the Basic Law, Section 130 of the Criminal Law (Strafgesetzbuch) was enacted, which enables authorities to put on trial anybody who disputes the holocaust hypothesis. This “specific Holocaust law” also offends against the UN’s Universal Declaration Of Human Rights as well as the Declaration of the United Nations Council for Human Rights 2011, which states that, “publication of opinions about historical facts are not to be penalized”, under any circumstances. Thus the German courts still act in “continuation of the war effort of the Allied nations” of World War 2.

Lawyer Horst Mahler was convicted to 10 years and five months in prison for the non-violent assertion of an historical thesis, thereby allegedly violating §130 on three counts.
Horst Mahler is 79 years old and has been imprisoned since 2009. Without a doubt Horst Mahler certainly belongs to Germany’s most educated and most powerful contemporary thinkers and philosophers.
It is owing to his intellect, his wealth of ideas and his courage that he was considered to be a danger to the political establishment and that he needed to be locked away for the rest of his life.
In contrast the imprisoned Chinese dissident, Liu Xiaobo, has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace!


During his time in prison Horst Mahler’s health was so badly neglected by the prison authorities that he had to be placed in intensive medical care where it was decided that his left leg was to be amputated. This has done nothing to improve his position however. At this point his health has now reached such a critical state that the authorities are preparing for his imminent death by making plans to suppress any resulting demonstrations by the German people.
It must be noted that Horst Mahler had applied for release on parole after completing two thirds of the sentence, which is regularly granted to any criminal after completion of half of their sentence.
Horst Mahler is financially destitute and cannot afford a lawyer to take his action into court.
However he did succeed in publishing a cry for help from prison:

Dear friends,
For a long time I hesitated asking for help. But now my life is at stake.
My left leg has been amputated and the doctors struggle to avoid further losses.
Eventually one lawyer agreed to run my defence in court. However, since I am financially ruined, I cannot pay him.
Furthermore, my application for release on parole has to be funded.

In addition, upon my release from prison a certain transformation of my home would be necessary to allow for the life of a disabled.

Please help! Many thanks in advance!


Horst Mahler is still in serious danger. We ask you to make a sacrifice for his rescue from certain death.
Please use any possible means to inform media, authorities and so-called human right organizations, and please forward this message to all of your contacts.

Ursula Haverbeck: How they want the sheeple to see her.

The translation and upload is courtesy of KZ Kladderadatsch:

The historic 2015 interview, as edited by Panorama TV for mass consumption. Watch the 49-minute original and compare!

On the CODOH Revisionist Forum Kladderadatsch writes the following:

I originally meant to do this earlier to coincide with the main release, but I want people to be able to compare the various different versions of the Panorama interview. Apparently Bongen and Haverbeck talked for some four hours back in March: from that taping, the 49-minute “full” interview was created. I’m willing to give ARD and Panorama the benefit of the doubt that the editing on that version was largely neutral, and that the material which was cut was indeed mostly small-talk or digressions and so on, and thus justifiably omitted. However, as some have noted, that 49-minute interview is not in fact what was shown on Panorama last month: rather, a 9-minute edit was aired instead. Curiously, however, Panorama still chose to release the longer version online: one can only suppose they thought that its contents would be still more “damning” to her . . . the irony being, of course, that it turns out the full interview is a remarkably charismatic performance which, a few questionable arguments aside, makes a powerful moral case for the revisionist cause.

Maybe they figured they’d overstepped, I don’t know. But in case anyone were to ask questions where they stand on the matter, they also produced a two-minute dumbed-down version, complete with mournful piano chords and stock-photo images of Bergen-Belsen to drive the point home. It’s a study in media manipulation and Internet-age propaganda. No doubt this is what they were hoping would “go viral.” Short, simplistic, hitting all the right clichés, and without all that pesky evidence from the Commandant Orders!

I originally found the short version on huffingtonpost.de (https://archive.is/GIq6x)–that’s the sort of audience they’re aiming at. And to give them their due, the video counter on the Huff Po page indicates that it’s been viewed more than 170,000 times there. Just a reminder of what the imbalance of media power means to the truth sometimes.

With any luck, I’ll get the 9-minute version worked up sometime this weekend, and then my trilogy will be complete. For now, here’s the MSM’s two-minutes-of-hate special.

Persecuted Frenchman Vincent Reynouard in hiding again…

I archived this video from Vincent Reynouard. The translation has been done by KZ Kladderadatsch, I only made them “burnt-in”. Sorry for the watermark.

Persecuted French revisionist Vincent Reynouard speaks from hiding on April 24, 2015. Help if you can!

For more information about how to help Vincent, visit his site http://www.phdnm.org/. You can also reach Vincent directly via contact@phdnm.org. Don’t worry if you can’t write French, English will work just fine.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/4iHmxi6TNgA

https://media.k0nsl.org/Vincent Reynouard - In hiding again01 k0nsl.MP4 [Download]

Discuss: https://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9487