All we hear in Denmark is Sweden being taken over by politically correct feministic salafist vegans... Well at least you are showing that good old "yellow and blue" is still there... We were getting a bit scared... Glædeligt solhverv :)
- bloodlazio, comment on ROSMT's video "Carnivorous Christmas Table 2", December 2014
These eternal usurpers have also turned half of Europe into neutered neo-eunuchs who are not permitted to ask obvious math and science questions concerning their porno fairy tales. Prosecution, prison, fines, reputations ruined and economic devastation result from simply saying "I DON'T BELIEVE IT"
- Hp B, comment at YouTube: The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth, December 2014
Don't expose yourself to wicked ideas unless you have a good, solid framework that will help you discern the right from the wrong. The human brain is like a sponge - wipe it in muck and it becomes dirty. Dip it in clean water and it absorbs the water and even cleans itself. Be careful what you choose to put your brain in - be careful what you think.
- Kaz, 10/7/2014