It would be easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than for a True Believer to admit that the Dogma he Believes in is just that, a Dogma.
- Wilfried Heink

The Holocaust in Gaza

Mr. Friedrich Paul Berg tells us:

There is a possibility of a real holocaust in Gaza today, largely condoned by the ordinary man on the street, because of belief in the holocaust hoax.. That is the price the world is paying right now for the greatest hoax in history. And, the price will become much higher. It will probably include WWIII.

The obscene racist lunacy which is Judaism was in serious decline u-n-t-i-l the alleged “extermination” of the Jews in WWII gripped the shabby consciences of many people. Suddenly, Judaism got a huge burst of adrenaline and was reinvigorated as never before. Today, Jewish racism is embraced practically as a kind of compensation for the horrors inflicted on supposedly “innocent” Jews by the “evil” Nazis. End result: Jewish racism is OK and supported in every possible way by the west, whereas every other kind of racism is denounced and attacked. As Golda Meir said after the Eichmann Trial: “after this, no one can tell us anything.”

So, the horrors we see on our TV’s every day go back to the holocaust hoax. Netanyahu knows perfectly well that he can get away with anything by invoking the “holocaust”.

If you ever want to see real peace in the Mid East, stop lying about the so-called “holocaust.” It is all bunk just like Judaism itself, or Christianity, or Islam, or any other kind of religious lunacy.


NOTE: I edited the text slightly.

Jon Nguyen: “GreenValueHost is my life”


GVH is my life. If it’s the end of GVH then it’s the end of me, I can’t pick myself up if I lose this company, it means everything to me. I’m going to try and do everything I can to recover our data and if I fail, I will leave a handwritten note on my desk and post a copy of it here before I’m gone.
Reality has never hit me this hard. It hasn’t. And now that it has.. now that I have nothing in my hands right now, I can’t find it in myself to continue.

slash: “is that what makes you happy?”

The song ‘SS Marschiert in Feindesland’ was playing in #downabeer earlier today and here’s what subsequently unfolded on IRC ( in #thehax:

[19:14] <@slashsux> wtf is this shit
[19:14] <@slashsux> barney
[19:14] <@barney> ?
[19:15] <@k0nsl> he is making meatballs on cam
[19:15] <@slashsux> what is this nazi shit
[19:15] <@k0nsl> wtf, it’s terrific!
[19:15] <@slashsux> fuck you
[19:15] <@k0nsl> you too buddy!
[19:15] <@k0nsl> :D
[19:16] <@k0nsl> he was just trying to cheer me up :(
[19:16] <@kollek> lol
[19:16] <@slashsux> is that what makes you happy?
[19:16] <@k0nsl> ofc
[19:16] <@slashsux> ffs