In another satire, I said, "to American service men, I have only this to say: If you are stupid enough to put on a JOG uniform and leave your family and go thousands of miles away and kill thousands of people just to please the Jews, well, then, I hope you get killed, if not this time, then the next". Of course there will always be a next, and then another next, and then another, and then..... I wrote that before Serbia, before Afghanistan, before the Second Gulf War, and I believe even before the invasion of Panama.
- C.W Porter to k0nsl in 2005

You are the victim of a crime!

I first found, or learned, rather, of this clip via Jultomtemor. I have cut out everything in it, all but Lord Nelson’s speech and the one by K.L. The credits at the end of the clip has been left unmolested.

What is my reason for cutting it? Because the rest of it would make no sense without English subtitles: a language which surely is understood by a great many people, all over the world. Norwegian with Swedish subtitles (burnt-in) would make very little sense to most people. [DELETION]

At any rate, enjoy this clip. Please spread it far and wide: to your friends and to people who may find it interesting. Et cetera. You know the routine better than me

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The original clip (in several parts) can be found here.


“Be only k0nsl”

A message to me (k0nsl) by Del_Armg0 in 2004 urging me to stop including links to websites which exposed the nonsense found in the so-called “holocaust”. I did not comply with his request, of course. I must say, despite this, we always stayed friends.