The Jews of Eastern Europe were notoriously filthy, wearing the same clothes for years and literally never bathing. Fritz Berg has pointed out that shower baths were the LAST thing that could ever lull an Eastern European Jew into 'unsuspectingness'. They would no sooner enter a shower bath than they would a meat grinder. They hated water.
- Daniel Saez Lorente
The text by Salmen Gradowski is mostly boring and of no value like in typical memoir of alleged holocaust witnesses, and usual holocaust porno rubbish about naked women dumped from lorries, about Forst who stood "at the gate of undressing room" and felt the sexual organ of each young woman, how SS men of all ranks put fingers into the "sexual organs of pretty young girls", how Moll threw living people into flaming graves etc. Lewenthal calls crematorium gas chamber and undressing room a bunker so he apparently knows nada about how alleged gassing farmhouses were officially called bunkers.
- Bob, RODOH, Eye witness testimony exposed, 2016
Don't laugh - He is way more (also long term) successful than most hosts that came and left over the years. I am watching him since years, like one watches a funny mammal in the zoo, but I have no explanation why or any idea how he survived, but he obviously found his niche. He does not seem to be a bad guy though. Just always good for hilarious surprises...
- Amitz about Windows Xen VPS "Expert" Chandra Parkash in 2015 , LET
Holo-History is not History at all, but a matter of religious mythology. That means that the "facts" are as writ-large (or as meaningless) as they need to be without limitation and without need of intellectual rigour. This is the approach that mainstream historians continue to take with respect to the Big-H, and that is not scientific historiography at all but simply Theology.
- Scott Smith, "The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth", RODOH, 2015
They were proven a fake and not worth publishing, besides they were mostly plagiarized from already published works, particularly, I believe, the TABLE TALK. The handwriting was perfect but everything about them was a miserable, stupid botch. Kujau was such a good forger and had forged so many Hitler diaries that when the cops did a handwriting analysis they mistakenly used another Kujau forgery for purposes of comparison, so of course they pronounced the handwriting authentic.
- Haldan, The famous "Hitler Diaries", CODOH Revisionist Forum, 2005
I don't affirm any of the exaggerated junk put forth so far by Roberto Muehlenkamp or his partners in crime. Ya, sure, some were undoubtedly shot (but we're talking such minuscule numbers that it's just laughable thinking about making such hubbub about it), and then what's left? A bit of personal tragedy! As I say: nothing out of the ordinary if one looks at other entanglements in the same or to the close proximity of this epoch. The Jews did not go through something special, they only made it special. They could have applied the time tested "Forgive and Forget" and get on with their lives — but instead they opted to lie like hell and shove this utter horseshit down our throats day in and day out until we puke "holoreferences".
- k0nsl to Roberto Muehlenkamp in 2013
I find it peculiar that you are not celebrating the fact that this so-called "holocaust" never happened? You must be a jew hater yourself! Perhaps it is a wish of yours — that jews and other people were done away with in the most unimaginable scenarios which defies even the truly perverted person's mind.
- k0nsl in a comment to Edward Moss, 26/02/2015