There is no convenient, easy way to describe Fascism to those who do not care what it means, and never will. The term has now been discounted and transformed to describe any violent air-brain who roams the world looking for the destruction and elimination of all and any social good, or better still, to describe anyone or anything that meets with one’s disapproval. To define it properly today would require a leap of the imagination and courage, and the publication of an exhaustive treatise.
- John Ringo, The Last Centurion

Mónus Áron: “Jews murdered gendarmes.”

Mónus Áron wrote in 2006 to me:

I used to write studies for the books which I translate to Hungarian. That is what I have done also in the case of Jérôme and Jean Tharaud’s book entitled ‘Jewish domination in Hungary on the basis of Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’. I always endeavour to make my writings well-founded. For the illustration of this statement I quote now a paragraph from the introduction that I wrote to the book published on the 22nd of October 2003, page 46:

“For a similar reason I recall what happened to three gendarme officers, Oszkár Fery gendarme lieutenant-general, Sándor Borhy and János Menkina gendarme lieutenant-colonels, whom Jews, on the 22nd of April 1919, dreadfully tortured, then murdered and threw into the river Danube. In order to disguise similar outrageous deeds commited by Jews in 1919, at present the Jews insist on their invented whopping lie according to which in 1944 gendarmes carried out unlawful acts against them. The Jews commit crime, they commit the crime of profanation against the members of the Hungarian Royal Gendarmerie, who, with honesty and according to the prescriptions of the law, performed their duties. For his lies with Nobel prize rewarded Imre Kertész also diffuses these lies in his “literary” works: he can’t say concrete thing or names, he speaks only in broad generalities. Nevertheless it is true that Jews, clothed in Hungarian arrow-cross uniform, rallied together other Jews, who were thought to an-hearted, and shot them into the river Danube. In consequence of this the Jews still defame the Hungarians. It is a fact that Jews murdered gendarmes, and gendarmes didn’t murder Jews.”

On the 6th of March 2006, in Budapest, the Supreme Court has passed a sentence such that perfectly corresponds with my text that I have written, in 2003, in the introduction for the above-mentioned book, about the Hungarian Royal Gendarmerie, who, in olden times, always proceeded lawfully against the Jewish criminals.

The moral depravity in Hungary is also characterized by the fact that István Hiller, the Hungarian Socialist Party, the Alliance of Free Democrats, Zoltán Pokorni and the FIDESZ consider the Jewish criminal named Endre Ságvári as their ideal Jew. Streets, schools, institutions are named after Endre Ságvári, for instance in Szeged.

Yours sincerely,
Mónus Áron,

“Men without morals”


What men are capable of doing to each other makes one shudder. The human body, of course, only offers a limited number of variants of torture even for the most perverted fantasy, but the victim of torture dies a thousand deaths. Most of the victims of Soviet murders would have preferred to have died quickly by a bullet in front of a cemetery wall or a noose on the gallows, as practiced by the Germans during their executions. The mutilations alone give the reader an idea of the sufferings of the victims of the Red Army before they died. If the reader, in viewing the photographs, tries to put himself in the victim’s place while they were being martyred, tormented, beaten or mauled to death — in the condition in which they were found by their comrades — he will obtain an idea of what men without morals are capable of doing.


The Jews obtained a wonderful ascendancy in politics, business and the learned professions [in spite of constituting] less than one percent of the population. The banks, were practically controlled by them. So were the publishing trade, the cinema, the theatres and a large part of the press – all the normal means, in fact, by which public opinion in a civilized country is formed. The largest newspaper combine in the country with a daily circulation of four million was a Jewish monopoly. Every year it became harder and harder for a gentile to gain or keep a foothold in any privileged occupation…It was a discrimination that operated without violence. It was exercised by a minority against a majority.
- Bryant, Arthur, 1899-1985. Unfinished victory, by Arthur Bryant. London, Macmillan & co. ltd., 1940.

Remember Corneliu Zelea Codreanu!

Today is the day when Corneliu Zelea Codreanu was shamefully murdered — remember and honour his memory. You can read his book « For My Legionaries » (Roumanian: Pentru legionari), it was first published in Sibiu, 1936, and is today more relevant than it ever was…

“This volume contains the story of my youth, from 19 to 34 years of age, with its feelings, faith, thoughts, deeds, and its errors.” — Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

If you own a better digital copy of this book, send it to and I will have it archived for posterity on my site: The one I have linked in this entry is the only one I have, IIRC — with the exception of the actual book which resides in my bookshelf:


He has walked through a door in 1955 and come out another one in 1941. He has gone back through that door to find himself in 1963. He has seen his birth and death many times, he says, and pays random visits to all the events in between. He says. Billy is spastic in time, has no control over where he is going next, and the trips aren’t necessarily fun. He is in a constant state of stage fright, he says, because he never knows what part of his life he is going to have to act in next.
- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five