b0b: “Digerati where is your mug shot?”

<b0b> Digerati where is your mug shot?
<Digerati> don’t have one
<b0b> http://is.gd/Eo1xlr
<b0b> ^^rage[]
<illy> lol
<Digerati> LOL
<b0b> Digerati give me your mugshot right now or i will have illwill find and/or fabricate one
<Digerati> honestly don’t have one
<Digerati> or if i do, i don’t know where it is
<Digerati> i’d love to see it
<illy> what county did you get arrested in
<illy> your mug shot is made public
<Digerati> i didn’t get arrested in a county
<Digerati> was arrested by feds
<Digerati> i don’t recall getting a mug shot taken
<Digerati> got fingerprints and DNA
<illy> you still need to sit in county to get your federal charges
<Digerati> don’t think i got a pic though
<b0b> they dont give you a picture
<b0b> they make it public record
<Digerati> nah lol, they brought me to philadelphia FBI field office
<Digerati> and booked me there
<Digerati> i was with FBI and DEA arrestees
<Digerati> i mean i don’t think they took a pic of me when i was arrested
<Digerati> if they did, i don’t remember them doing it
<b0b> w/e
<b0b> w/e
<illy> digerati is like …”listen”
<illy> “i’ll cut a deal”
<illy> “i’ll give you akill and everyone you need to know”
<illy> “i know this guy ksv who has this trojan”
<b0b> he gave me priv8s
<Digerati> lol
<Digerati> i miss ksv
<b0b> fine just give me the footage of you crying in the courtroom
<illy> ksv ran as far away from you as possible
<b0b> lol
<Digerati> he was in florida for a while
<Digerati> that sexy ass pilot
<illy> k ghey talk
<b0b> srs, u always gotta gay up erryting
<Digerati> it’s what i do


This is one of the guys Digerati gave to the feds in exchange for a lighter sentence: