“Antisemitism is gaining popularity in Japan”

On a forum I found this by somebody named “generic”, who responded to a comment which read like the title of this post: “Antisemitism is gaining popularity in Japan”.

What is the proof for this? Look at it rationally: allegedly tearing up a lame book is not ‘antisemitism’, because you have no idea if whoever did the deed had a hateful motive for doing it. Did somebody step forward and say they tore the books up because they hated Anne Frank? Nope. But even so, that still would not be ‘antisemitism’. It would be considered ‘antisemitism’ if a person, or a group of persons, stepped forward and said: “Ya, we tore that shit up because we hate j*ws”. That would be considered ‘antisemitism’, albeit incredibly lite ‘antisemitism’.

Maybe the persons who allegedly (keyword) did this just tore out the pages she didn’t write?

Anyway, Anne Frank is an individual and is not a representative of j*wry. She was just a person. So to call it an act of ‘antisemitism’ is typically a bunch of j*wish nonsense to garner support from dumb gentiles, to pump them for more money, to be able to build new monuments, and to just continue their campaign of enforcing this idiotic holocaust cult upon us all.