America is finished

The following citation is taken from a letter to Ernst Zündel from Carlos W. Porter, titled “COPY OF REPLY TO ERNST ZUNDEL re Howard Fertig edition of Hitler Speeches”. I was the first person to ever publish this (and one other) letter for the Internet in 2005. Many people believe this to be the best description of the USA:

America is finished, it’s the fall of the Roman Empire, they had all the same problems, without TV, without newspapers, without elections, with very few Jews, they had all the same problems: the refusal of the middle and upper classes to reproduce, desertion of the countryside and regions, the decay of industries, huge influx of foreigners, huge masses of the population living off welfare, popularity of weird religions, all sorts of partying, pleasure-seeking and sexual perversions, public corruption, mercenary armies engaged in all sorts of wars of conquest in a far-flung empire, the decline of all traditional values and religion, pane et circenses. Nero was one of the most popular emperors of all time. Bush reminds me of Caligula. Let’s hope he gets the Caligula treatment. Anything is possible, anything at all. I knew he would win: during the 2000 election, according to an official 100-page paper by the Massachussetts Institute of Technology, between 4 and 6 million votes were “lost”. The 2004 election was rigged by computer, so there was nothing to “lose”, but I expected him to win anyway, the Americans love that kind of——, booting the world in the groin while their own country sinks into a cesspool, is their idea of fun… Just like the British. Do Americans REALLY want to have to worry about getting their throats cut everywhere they go, anywhere in the world, just to please the Jews? One billion Moslems, and everyone of them has a lifetime of experience slaughtering animals; it only takes a second. Ever see the film BATTLE OF ALGIERS? Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you. When the pro-war idiots are all puking their life’s blood out in a gutter somewhere, with just seconds left to live, I just want to be there and say, “I told you so”. “Land where my fathers died, land of the Pilgrim’s Pride”… ha! How long ago? The average “American’s” father is probably a Hmong tribesman or Fiji Islander and if you mention the Pilgrims you’re a “racist”. And they’ve got to go to war 8,000 miles away. It’s like Cuba, 90 miles away, but no, we’ve got to Viet Nam to “stop Communism”. Like hell. I’ve got more respect for Fidel, even if he did wreck the economy of Cuba in a year, at least he is a man of principle. When he dies there will be a “luna de miel” [honeymoon] for about a year, then they will be worse off than ever, like the Russians. Coming from me, that’s something, because I hate Communists. Only Hitler had the right idea, but only when correctly understood.


Source: “COPY OF REPLY TO ERNST ZUNDEL re Howard Fertig edition of Hitler Speeches”, originally published at “Holocaust History Archive”.