Certainly he was loved by the German people, in glaring contradistinction to President Bush here in America. He was also selected as "Man of the Year" for TIME magazine sometime in the early 1930's, yet, if he had travelled to the United States, massive demonstrations would have undoubtedly ensued as a result of Jewish, Communist, leftist and liberal instigation. Hitler entered Paris in the wee morning hours, before the citizenry was up and about. He refers to his entrance in his table talks, where he comments about a woman who opened her shutters, looked down into the street and saw him, muttering, "The devil himself", or words to that effect. In 1933 a mob of enraged New Yorkers, the majority of them undoubtedly Jews and assorted communist allies, stormed on to a German ship docked in the harbor and violently tore down the ship's swastika flag, creating an international incident. The German American Bund held its largest mass meeting in 1938 in Madison Square Garden and the usual mobs of protestors turned out to wreak havoc at that event as well. It is true that most rank and file Americans were unwilling to go to war against Germany, so the Roosevelt administration, in alliance with the Jewish dominated media here, set about creating an atmosphere of hate and paranoia directed against Germany and German-Americans. There is an excellent book which I recommend to one and all which fully exposes all these machinations at the time: "Twas a Famous Victory", by Benjamin Colby. This is a MUST read, if you can find a copy. I used to have in my personal library a massive tome running about 1500 pages or so all stacked with anti-Hitler articles and caricatures from the American press during this period, which reveals of the extent of media bias directed against Germany and Hitler in particular. Unfortunately I no longer remember the title of this book and it would in any event be costly and very difficult to locate today.
- Joseph P. Bellinger, k0nsl-archives, 3/16/05