A day in the life of k0nsl

<slash> k0nsl
<slash> when do you have time watch all this shit on youtubve?
<slash> and read all these fucking things
<slash> According to my calculations, I assume you watch/spend 6 hours a day nazi’ing
<slash> okay, so were down to 16 hours a day now.
<kollek> 7 hours of BF4ing
<slash> I was saying that
<kollek> 2 hours of sleep
<slash> 7 hours left
<kollek> visit sister
<kollek> or dad
<slash> fucking swedish coffee breaks
<slash> k0nsl
<slash> I want a video
<slash> “A day in the life of k0nsl”
<kollek> gonna be a boring day
<kollek> lol
<slash> hahaha
<slash> kollek k0nsl’s life is going to turn into an action movie one of these days
<slash> probably a pretty lame one, if he doesnt get some fucking locks
<slash> kollek, tell him to quit being stupid and get some locks
<kollek> im gonna visit him in a month
<kollek> 1.5
<slash> I’d be careful if I was you.
<kollek> na
<slash> people are watching him
<slash> I think he might just do meth
<kollek> nope
<slash> a shit ton of it, and is just paranoid
<kollek> he dont even drink
<kollek> lol
<slash> really?
<kollek> yep
<slash> hmm
<kollek> thats prolly whats wrong
<slash> waitg
<kollek> i tried to tell him
<slash> what are you goign to do when you visit him?
<kollek> then he will drink
<kollek> cause he knows
<kollek> i will bring beer
<kollek> and
<kollek> i refuse not do drink
<kollek> lol
<slash> hahah a