k0nsl looks like he is involved in many filthy acts [homosexuality], which is his right, in Canada, US, Israel etc....but this same Ken Okeefe, his hero will not tell him, that he can't freely express himself as a gay man in Gaza or any region other than Israel.
- Daniel Moshe Johnson, Jewish Defense League, 2016

Leocadio Jiménez Caravaca

Leocadio Jiménez Caravaca, was known as “Psycho” during his time on the Eastern Front for his risk taking. In 1977, 2 years after the fall of Franco’s regime, he was arrested for an attempt to blow up communist sympathizing lawyers [1] in Spain. His answer was unequivocal: “the best part of my life was spent blowing up communists, I never once thought of retiring”.

  1. Señor Caravaca, who had been a brave fighter in División Azul, was actually accused of supplementing weapons and ammunition which was intended to be used to remove communists — mainly corrupt communist lawyers.
    Source: Jiménez Caravaca y Gloria Herguedas también se desdicen de sus primeras declaraciones, El País, 1980