The text by Salmen Gradowski is mostly boring and of no value like in typical memoir of alleged holocaust witnesses, and usual holocaust porno rubbish about naked women dumped from lorries, about Forst who stood "at the gate of undressing room" and felt the sexual organ of each young woman, how SS men of all ranks put fingers into the "sexual organs of pretty young girls", how Moll threw living people into flaming graves etc. Lewenthal calls crematorium gas chamber and undressing room a bunker so he apparently knows nada about how alleged gassing farmhouses were officially called bunkers.
- Bob, RODOH, Eye witness testimony exposed, 2016
I discovered the drama of the jews to be fantasy of the worst scenarios one could possibly imagine. They suffered less than any other people during the WWII epoch; yet they are the worst to kvetch and screech about luxurious compensation and "special treatment" in all areas of life in the name of a "holocaust" which never occurred. That is one reason why I have dedicated myself in setting the record straight and to actively combat their deceptive, wicked and destructive lies.
- k0nsl, signature at "RODOH", 2008

‘holocaust survivor’ Rachel (Rae) Gleitman’s failure

I stumbled upon a speech by a so-called ‘holocaust survivor’ two days ago. Her name is Rachel (Rae) Gleitman and she presumably made her speech in front of an audience packed with young kids. Anyway, I got infuriated and quite simply called her a liar, and that’s what she is — it didn’t take long for somebody to come along and ask me “why”. I answered it effortlessly and will likely not hear from that person ever again.

I got a reply from a Patrick Dempsey who called me a idiot and asked if I thought engines could not fail. Now, this is about Auschwitz and it is not alleged engines were used there, so I simply made fun of him, because he is the true idiot:

Remember Dresden!

Don’t forget: even if the so-called jewish “holocaust” had any merit to it (i.e systematic extermination in make-shift chemical slaughterhouses with a lame pesticide) this act of Allied mass murder outdoes the jewish spectacle with ease. Still, we never read about it in school, or in the media. There’s no Obama “crying” for the victims in Dresden.

Of course gas chambers existed, hundreds of them. To disinfect the clothes of people who went through them. But gas chambers designed to kill people never existed, no.
- Siegfried Verbeke, "De 'laatste' Vlaamse negationist: "Natuurlijk waren er gaskamers: voor de desinfectie van kleren", De Morgen, 2016