Gerd Honsik: Farewell to Germany’s Horses

At the end of WWII, Germany’s horses completed their last and greatest task, rescuing German families from the advancing Red Army. A ballad by revisionist hero and poet Gerd Honsik.

Translation by Kladderadatsch (2015) of “Abschied von Deutschlands Pferden” from the book “Der Blumenkrieg” by Gerd Honsik. The original can be read online at… (the poem starts on p. 25).

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover

“I know looks can be deceiving but I know I saw light in you.” — Taylor Swift

Sorry for the terrible editing. I had to hack together this clip in the most horrible way you could ever imagine. What a damn mess for such a short clip.
I shot the clip with my Samsung Edge. Ugh!


Well, as for the book. You can’t say it’s not a beautiful book — even if you’re a so-called “anti-fascist”. The photographs inside are simply superb! I bought the book many years ago for three hundred dollars.

Ursula Haverbeck: How they want the sheeple to see her.

The translation and upload is courtesy of KZ Kladderadatsch:

The historic 2015 interview, as edited by Panorama TV for mass consumption. Watch the 49-minute original and compare!

On the CODOH Revisionist Forum Kladderadatsch writes the following:

I originally meant to do this earlier to coincide with the main release, but I want people to be able to compare the various different versions of the Panorama interview. Apparently Bongen and Haverbeck talked for some four hours back in March: from that taping, the 49-minute “full” interview was created. I’m willing to give ARD and Panorama the benefit of the doubt that the editing on that version was largely neutral, and that the material which was cut was indeed mostly small-talk or digressions and so on, and thus justifiably omitted. However, as some have noted, that 49-minute interview is not in fact what was shown on Panorama last month: rather, a 9-minute edit was aired instead. Curiously, however, Panorama still chose to release the longer version online: one can only suppose they thought that its contents would be still more “damning” to her . . . the irony being, of course, that it turns out the full interview is a remarkably charismatic performance which, a few questionable arguments aside, makes a powerful moral case for the revisionist cause.

Maybe they figured they’d overstepped, I don’t know. But in case anyone were to ask questions where they stand on the matter, they also produced a two-minute dumbed-down version, complete with mournful piano chords and stock-photo images of Bergen-Belsen to drive the point home. It’s a study in media manipulation and Internet-age propaganda. No doubt this is what they were hoping would “go viral.” Short, simplistic, hitting all the right clichés, and without all that pesky evidence from the Commandant Orders!

I originally found the short version on (–that’s the sort of audience they’re aiming at. And to give them their due, the video counter on the Huff Po page indicates that it’s been viewed more than 170,000 times there. Just a reminder of what the imbalance of media power means to the truth sometimes.

With any luck, I’ll get the 9-minute version worked up sometime this weekend, and then my trilogy will be complete. For now, here’s the MSM’s two-minutes-of-hate special.

Goy detector

What a system. How can it know I’m a goy AND that I previously thrusted it? That’s just incredible.

In another satire, I said, "to American service men, I have only this to say: If you are stupid enough to put on a JOG uniform and leave your family and go thousands of miles away and kill thousands of people just to please the Jews, well, then, I hope you get killed, if not this time, then the next". Of course there will always be a next, and then another next, and then another, and then..... I wrote that before Serbia, before Afghanistan, before the Second Gulf War, and I believe even before the invasion of Panama.
- C.W Porter to k0nsl in 2005

The Witcher 3: A “sneak peak” for Goybbels!

There is one particularly awful scene in this game which may “upset” certain individuals in #frantech. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of them may be upset at it! However, don’t fret! I found another much more pleasant scene which is bound to arouse the attention of my friend Goybbels.
The question is: will it receive the “stamp of approval” from Goybbels, or not?

The game contains exquisite graphics — I cannot remember seeing graphics this good before. The little I’ve seen of this game so far, well, it has got me excited and I want to play it. As of now I have only done a very brief run-around to see how it played and how it looked. All settings were set to “ultra”.

I would recommend the game from the little I’ve seen so far. One issue for PC users, that I noticed, were the controls: it would be wise to invest in a controller. All the combos and such, demands for a keyboard ninja. At least that’s true for me…but then again, despite what people say; I’m not much of a goymer. I play only whenever I have a desire and time for it – which is very rare, to be honest…

Mustardman goes bananas: “it should ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT be allowed!”


Incidentally his last comment on that “bug report” is also his funniest one:

Seeing the number of containers on a node should ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOT be allowed! If there is enough interest to make it a feature (I highly doubt there is) someone can enable fine but NO WAY should container owners ever be able to see this kind of information on the node by default.

Please add this patch to the kernel asap.