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An old video on one of Sylvia Stolz previous imprisonments:

On February 15th 2007 A Jewish court operating in Germany sentenced Ernst Zundel a prominent civil rights activist kidnapped from Canada to five years imprisonment; his ‘crime’ to expose truths concerning WWII hidden by Jewish propaganda for over 60 years.

Ordering a media blackout the Jewish occupied German Judiciary commenced unhindered with foreign criminal court proceedings, knowing revelation of these truths undermined the legitimacy of any Jewish claim to the state of Israel.

Necessary to shield Jewish lies the outcome of the trial was a forgone conclusion.
Nevertheless, in defence, Sylvia Stolz the German harbinger of truth proved more than a match as with iron will, she laid bare Jewish courtroom deviance and cast light on their criminal transgressions.
To quell truth and justice the Jewish court imprisoned Sylvia for 3 years.

The video above contains an accurate dramatization depicting the farce that took place and continues to take place at similar trials around Europe.

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Original on YouTube:

“Men without morals”


What men are capable of doing to each other makes one shudder. The human body, of course, only offers a limited number of variants of torture even for the most perverted fantasy, but the victim of torture dies a thousand deaths. Most of the victims of Soviet murders would have preferred to have died quickly by a bullet in front of a cemetery wall or a noose on the gallows, as practiced by the Germans during their executions. The mutilations alone give the reader an idea of the sufferings of the victims of the Red Army before they died. If the reader, in viewing the photographs, tries to put himself in the victim’s place while they were being martyred, tormented, beaten or mauled to death — in the condition in which they were found by their comrades — he will obtain an idea of what men without morals are capable of doing.


Meet Kori “The Cookie Monster” Street!


Kori “The Cookie Monster” Street, the USC Shoah Foundation Director of so-called ‘Education’ is “nomnomnomified”.

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My mom was born in Dresden, her sister, Aunt Dorle survived the Dresden Holocaust. We lived not that far away, and sometime in January 1945 my older sister and I were send to visit Aunt (I do not remember the date, my sister has passed away, may she RIP). Anyway, Aunt Dorle proudly took us on tours of her beloved Dresden, I remember some of it. She was however quite distraught about all the refugees having invaded her city, Dresdner’s believing that they were special, living in Florence on the Elbe. Looking out the window from her apartment, and that I remember well, carriages on carriages, parked half-way on the sidewalk to leave room for the street car. Refugees wherever one looked, camped in the parks, Auntie having fits. And scum like Kellerhoff tell me that we know only 25,000 were killed when no one knows exactly how many people were in Dresden at that time. In 1952 another visit to Auntie, I had enrolled in a beekeepers seminar. My aunties old place of residence [was] still a pile of rubble, in fact, rubble everywhere. It was hard to believe anyone survived, not many did. The pox on the Kellerhoff’s of this world.
- Wilfried Heink, CODOH Forum, topic: "How To Teach, Discuss, & Discover Revisionist History", 2015

Chutzpah macht frei

I am Charlie: The Super Kosher Movie


As kosher supermarket hero Lassana Bathily becomes France’s newest citizen, scattered deniers still defy Big Brother Valls and refuse to “be Charlie” in this zombie thriller by Bernamej.

Original title: Je suis Charlie (Le film. Avec Manuel Valls, Faurisson, Hollande, Lassana, Taubira, etc.)

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For English-speaking viewers who might not get some of the references, a little background . . .

Lassana Bathily is the Malian guest worker at the Jewish “Super Kosher” (Hyper Cacher) supermarket in Paris who helped save some customers during the hostage/shooting at the store on 9 January 2015 by hiding them in a downstairs freezer. In recognition of this act, he was granted French citizenship on 20 January 2015, in a ceremony attended by French prime minister Manuel Valls. During the ceremony, Bathily read out a speech, excerpts of which appear, as recorded, in the video. The whole thing (French only) can be viewed here:

Other characters appearing in the video include François Hollande, France’s feckless socialist President, who holds the record for lowest approval ratings for a sitting President in French history; Minister of Justice Christianne Taubira, originally from French Guyana; and of course Big Brother himself, Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Spanish-born Socialist notorious for his self-righteous grandstanding and relentless pursuit of politically incorrect “thought crime” in France, most notably in the form of quenelle-sliding comedian Dieudonné. (See:

Finally, the song at the end of the video is a traditional (16th-century) French folk song called “Je suis Robert” (I am Robert). LICRA is France’s equivalent of the ADL.

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