NCASE M1 V3.0: An Incredibly Optimized mini-ITX Chassi!

Description from NCASE:

With its sleek, subtly-faceted brushed aluminum front panel, the M1 presents a refined, minimalist face to the world. An angular, arched cutout exposes the front USB 3.0 and HD audio ports, flanking the central power button, whose two-color LED glows crisply – but not overly bright – when powered. Side and top panels are perforated with symmetrical ventilation areas, ensuring both visual harmony and proper system airflow.

Fully toolless exterior panels allow easy access to the interior, while keeping the clean, smooth surfaces free of the visual clutter of screws or fasteners. The simple upward-facing slot at the front of the top panel provides discreet access to the neatly integrated mount for a slim slot-loading optical drive.

The M1 sets itself apart with its unique combination of high performance capability and exceptional flexibility, in a deceptively small and appealingly understated package. Coming in at a svelte 12.6 liters in volume, the all-aluminum chassis has the proportions – and features – of a much larger case. Looking like a conventional tower case, but on a much reduced scale, the M1 has a footprint smaller than many “cube”-style small form-factor cases. It’s compact enough to pack into a carry-on, while the featherweight, yet sturdy, aluminum construction makes it easy to travel with.

This case would make a nice goyiming station if coupled with two (or even just one) ASUS GeForce GTX 970 DirectCU Mini


Review by HardwareCanucks.

In early 1966, Soviets were already with 2-3 years behind [Wernher] von Braun's team. Even if Korolyov remained alive, he could change nothing with that insufficient financing they had and their dumb Soviet methods of work. Korolyov stole the design of V-2 from von Braun. He was an ordinary thief. Without that, Soviets would not be able to launch the man in space. If Korolyov would steal more from Germans, he would probably land first on the moon - here, I agree with you. Soviets were planning to land on the moon with their ugly and primitive "N-1" having 30 (!) engines, which had been designed by the "genius" Korolyov, by the way. The shape of "N-1" was strikingly similar with that of "Saturn-V". What could that mean? Lastly, Korolyov was at least half-Jew.
- Peter Hedrook in an "internal discussion" with Jan Kamola, 12/30/07
Matt Hale is another one. Didn't agree with everything he said. For one I'm against violence and war. So when a group says the word "war" a lot, it's just not for me or a direction I think things should go. But the FBI Chicago office, under Chertoff set up a spy in Hale's organization. The spy kept suggesting they kill a judge. Finally Hale said "o.k." or "good" in response. Now he's in jail for many years. I could understand it if it was Hale that initiated the whole thing, but it was the FBI mole that initiated it, and suggested it, and Hale just simply said "o.k." or "good." It's unbelievable that Hale then got a huge jail sentence. Hale wore an orange jump suit to the court case. The media never accurately mentioned why. It was because Hale was protesting torture at Abu Ghraib and the orange jump suits they put on the "enemy combatants" there.
- "Anonymous" to k0nsl in 12/26/05 via e-mail
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- k0nsl in a comment to Edward Moss, 26/02/2015
If someone characterizes systemd as an “init system,” you may safely assume that s/he is either utterly clueless or deliberately obfuscating the discussion. Calling systemd an init system is like calling an automobile a cup holder. Not even Lennart Poettering pretends that systemd is anything but the “Core OS” (sic).
- dasein, Debian User Forums, 2015-02-25

Sylvia Stolz “Speech Forbidden, Evidence Forbidden, Legal Defence Forbidden”


German lawyer Sylvia Stolz speaking at the eighth Anti-Zensur-Koalition Conference in Chur, Switzerland, November 2012.

Re-uploaded after the user account for the version I had bookmarked was deleted. (“This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their YouTube account.”) There may be an innocent explanation for that, of course. But it may also be yet another case of intimidation against those who call for open discussion of the Holocaust story.

In solidarity with the censored, and in protest against the censors, re-up.

Courtesy of KZ Kladderadatsch.

Download: Stolz Speech Forbidden Evidence Forbidden Legal Defence Forbidden.mp4 [Download]