GreenValueHost operates the same sleazebag way that ChicagoVPS does by abusing PayPal's intangible items policy. The only difference between them is Jonny will bend like a little momma's boy under public pressure. Otherwise not much difference (especially when you consider that both giants of the hosting industry have/have had CEOs who did double duty as retail clerks by day, CEO by night)
- DomainBop, "GreenValueHost is moving again." [vpsBoard], January 28th 2015
There was nothing exceptional about the fate of Europe’s Jews in the general blaze of war. It would have deserved just a mention in the great book of Second World War history. One may therefore quite rightly be astonished that today the fate of the Jews should be considered the essential feature of that war...
- Prof. Robert Faurisson, The secular religion of “the Holocaust”, a tainted product of consumer society

Rep. Paul Gosar: “these men [American snipers] are total bad asses!”

A brief reply to that, all very spontaneous as usual:

In today’s sense the assertion “American hero” is more an oxymoron than anything else. This could be as a direct result of the mirror image adopted by Americans via your role models — the Jews — and their ‘heroic struggle’ to murder women and babies in Palestine, etc,. Ya, what a bunch of heroes you are.
I am not a defender of Michael Moore, but at least he is not participating in liberating peoples from their lives and homelands in the name of ‘freedom’, ‘justice’ and not to forget, ‘democracy’, in a cause that is of no benefit to any American, but only to one people. You know, the ones who own you and which you must not name because they would howl you down as a ‘hater’ and ‘anti-Semite’, but I do it anyway, earlier in my paragraph

Rep. Paul Gosar is only a useful idiot to the Jews, that’s about it. The same goes to anyone else who is doing what he’s doing. If you are American then you should concentrate on working for your own interests and your own people — not be the cannon fodder for a very vocal minority. That’s stupid.

Auschwitz as a concentration camp, labour camp – there’s no doubt about it [authenticity] – but the systematic extermination of Jews in Auschwitz, that’s a lie. You know that.
- Horst Mahler to Michael Friedman in an interview from 2007