All we hear in Denmark is Sweden being taken over by politically correct feministic salafist vegans... Well at least you are showing that good old "yellow and blue" is still there... We were getting a bit scared... Glædeligt solhverv :)
- bloodlazio, comment on ROSMT's video "Carnivorous Christmas Table 2", December 2014
Nationalism is synonymous with fanaticism. I believe nationalism is the scourge that will threaten the next century and the next millennium. Fanaticism and power together can become the most lethal of combinations. We see it today in the war in the Balkans. It is true that each human being loves his native land. But patriotism pushed to the extreme and to excess often emerges as ruthless fanaticism. To express one's attachment to one's country is laudable.
- Elie Wiesel, former member in the jewish terrorist organisation "Irgun", Nobel Peace Prize laureate, wrote a fictionalised porn novel called "Night" (Bantam Books)
The problem at Belsen was not deliberate neglect due to anti-semitism. That is a holocaust lie. The problem was overcrowding during the chaos at the war's end. Compounded by the fact that Bergen-Belsen came to be in the middle of the war zone subject to Allied aerial bombardment, Allied planes strafing all German movements on road and rail, and at one point with British and Germans troops engaged in battle on the Lüneberg heath right outside. Thus the deceit involved in misrepresenting the fact that food was brought after the surrender from a depot only 3kms away. The facts are that the biggest cause of death began in February 1945, when the situation at Bergen-Belsen became catastrophic due to a typhus epidemic breaking out in the crowded camp.
- been-there, RODOH, December 2014

Ursula Haverbeck “The Greatest Problem of Our Time”

On December 13, 2014, Ursula Haverbeck, aged 86, the widow of a pastor, took the heroic decision to address her fellow Germans on what she calls “The greatest problem of our time”. It is the greatest historical problem with philosophical, moral and political implications of the past 70 years.

This historical problem is that of whether the genocide of approximately six million Jews, particularly by means of homicidal gas chambers, is a historical reality or not.

Discussion: A Great German Lady opens the Black Box of “the Holocaust”

Thanks to Kladderadatsch for translating this video into English. I have naturally saved a copy of the video in case it is ever pulled off YouTube.

I'm wondering can you explain to me, what is k0nsl?
- Pa Gromheizer, "ADL Blogs" (Disqus), December 2014
Good. Except the negative imagery of Mussolini portrayed in this video — exchange those with ones of Barbara Lerner Spectre, where she is speaking about destroying our Europe. It would make more sense and would even coincide with the name of your album. But for all I know, it could be a dedication to that wretched ‘woman’.
- k0nsl to "Laibach" on their release of Bossanova (the "Spectre" album), October 2014 Committee Announcement

A brief announcement from the “ Committee”:

We’re soon nearing the end of December and into January. Please have a look at the following site — — and realize that 2015 is the 70th Anniversary year of the so-called “lie-beration” of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp by the Soviet Red Army and the Soviet Political Commissars.

Although the Red Army arrived in January 1945, the exact date is not known, nor were there very many inmates to “liberate.” The Germans had evacuated the camp on or around the 18th of January, leaving behind some 7000 hospital patients, under the care of doctors and nurses, and those unable for other reasons to undertake the day-long march to Gleiwitz. [Once there, the marchers rested a couple of days before taking a train to Buchenwald or some other work-camp destination.]

When the Red Army came upon the mostly empty camp (more like around Jan 20th), they simply continued on “toward Berlin” while the political operatives entered the camp and began assessing how to use it for propaganda purposes. They had “liberated” the abandoned Majdanek camp outside Lublin six months before, and now they had another opportunity to create an even bigger propaganda story.

That is all the so-called liberation of Auschwitz really is. But The Holocaust Industry, led by the United Nations, the Polish government and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Museum will be making a huge hulabaloo in 2015 because it is the 70th Anniversary of this non-event.

This entire website,, is devoted to explaining to you what Auschwitz-Birkenau-Monowitz really was and what actually took place there. Look at the menu items across the top of the page, under the banner, and select one that you want to learn about. You will find the essential information you need to know, written by some of the best revisionist scholars in the world.

Watch the videos; they tell the story of Auschwitz-Birkenau and only this camp, no other. That is because Auschwitz was made the center of the “Holocaust” from the beginning, at the Nuremberg Tribunal; thus if the Auschwitz legends are not true, then none of it is true.

Kudos to those of you who have the courage and intellectual curiosity to assess and judge information based on its merits rather than simply indulge in hysterical “victor propaganda” without ever digging in deeper to see it for what it actually is, just plain propaganda and lies. You can find out much more about it all by visiting our site for more information — be sure to invite your friends as well:

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