Remember Corneliu Zelea Codreanu!

Today is the day when Corneliu Zelea Codreanu was shamefully murdered — remember and honour his memory. You can read his book « For My Legionaries » (Roumanian: Pentru legionari), it was first published in Sibiu, 1936, and is today more relevant than it ever was…

“This volume contains the story of my youth, from 19 to 34 years of age, with its feelings, faith, thoughts, deeds, and its errors.” — Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

If you own a better digital copy of this book, send it to and I will have it archived for posterity on my site: The one I have linked in this entry is the only one I have, IIRC — with the exception of the actual book which resides in my bookshelf:


Jewish inspired propaganda was such, that it had permeated the entire world with an anti-German virus so evil that it must be equated with the "AIDS virus" of today, ravaging entire populations.
- Gerry Frederics in "Murdered Heroes"

Rsyslog chimpout

He has walked through a door in 1955 and come out another one in 1941. He has gone back through that door to find himself in 1963. He has seen his birth and death many times, he says, and pays random visits to all the events in between. He says. Billy is spastic in time, has no control over where he is going next, and the trips aren’t necessarily fun. He is in a constant state of stage fright, he says, because he never knows what part of his life he is going to have to act in next.
- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

A grimey ‘chosenite’-toy

Frig sakes, now they even make ‘joke articles’ which celebrates their depravity. I’m sure it is not something new, which makes it all even more disturbing

m0untbear is everywhere!

Damn m0untbear is errywhere.

One reason Microsoft is such a piece of shit is because almost all the Microsoft operating systems (if they can be called that) were developed (or, in reality, bought up or stolen) by Microsoft-Israel. What do people expect but a pile of shit?
- Carlos W. Porter in LETTER NO 9, 2006

Ernst Zündel: A Spartan of the Spirit

Ingrid sent me a copy of the DVD Ernst Zündel: A Spartan of the Spirit in late March 2013. I tried uploading a high quality version on YouTube which I ripped from the DVD — that was futile, my account is still in “bad standing” for a previous upload titled “18 Reasons Why It’s Great To Be Jewish” which factually listed 18 reasons why it could be “great” to be Jewish. That was frowned upon, it appears!

So, at any rate, here is the video as it was uploaded by Ingrid on her YouTube account. It’s only available in 480p, unfortunately.


This DVD tells how Ernst Zündel’s stunning prison paintings were created – under the most daunting and humiliating conditions in our so-called “modern” prisons in three countries on two continents, where speaking the truth is now a crime enshrined in law.

One of the most inspirational stories of our times.


I managed to upload my ripped DVD + converting the M4V to MP4:



.mp4 [Download]
(low-quality) |
.mp4 [Download]
(HD) | .m4v (HD)

So enjoy the high quality upload