On the subject of Einsatzgruppen

From a post by ‘Rollo the Ganger’ on RODOH.


Northman, it is encumbent upon YOU to present to us what evidence YOU have of your allegations of mass murder. It’s not our responsibility to show or tell you what to show us to prove YOUR allegations. What evidence do you have? You seem convinced so what do you have that convinces you? Show us. The photos of a bunch of naked women lying on the ground is not proof of anything. It is not even proof of what you are saying the pictures show. There is no proof those are dead bodies of women who have been shot in the head by the men in uniform around them. There is no blood, no broken skulls, no brain matter strewn about, … nothing. Nothing that says these people are dead. Just two pictures of women lying on the ground with uniformed men standing over them. The two pictures taken at different times show the women are moving about. Not something dead people do. Can you imagine asking your question to a Judge at a murder trial?

The Judge would ask: “What evidence do you have that the accused killed anybody?”
Northman: “What evidence do you want?”

I’m sure that would go over well with the Judge.

I’m sure the Judge would then ask: “What evidence do you have?”
Northman: “Two pictures of a lot a naked women lying on the ground with a few gunslingers standing over them.”

Judge: “Case dismissed.”

The fact is that not a single revisionist has ever advocated or used violence against their opponents or anyone else for that matter. On the contrary, revisionists are peaceful and peace-loving people.
- Germar Rudolf, LECTURES ON THE HOLOCAUST (p. 428)

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The absence of railroad schedules


The key to understand that is the almost complete absence of railroad
schedules and other details to the East of the Greater Reich, i.e. into
basically Bielorussia & the Baltic zone from the transit camps such as
Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor, all of them placed squarely on the
frontier limit of the Greater Reich.

Note that I’m not saying simply that there are no “relevant”
indications. What I’m saying is the whole railroad documentation that
ought to be there has vanished in a strange way. You have plenty of
information inside the Reich. Absolutely nothing outside. Not
“inconvenient information” but plainly “no information at all”.

But if you have any experience of talking to “survivors” you’ll have
heard lots of them telling you how their grandparents were taken from
Central Germany or Bohemia or what have you into the giant ghetto /
labor camp of Maly Trostynets near Minsk or into Kaisernhof near Riga

A few of those missing train schedules have appeared on Mattogno’s
Treblinka book and confirm the transfers into the Eastern territories,
but why would all the railroad data have vanished from view in such a
nearly complete way?

Well, I certainly can guess why…

Source: k0nsl-archives, 4/18/06.

Fear, Shame and Gas Chambers

Bradley R. Smith tells us:

Why does the American professorial class insist that students “believe” what they are told – and told and told — about Germans and Jews during World War II? Why does the American academic refuse to encourage students to create a free exchange of ideas about what really happened during that fracas? Why? One word reveals the story. That word is “shame.”

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGI5buxfEyw

https://media.k0nsl.org/Fear Shame and Gas Chambers01 k0nsl.mp4 [Download]
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Certainly he was loved by the German people, in glaring contradistinction to President Bush here in America. He was also selected as "Man of the Year" for TIME magazine sometime in the early 1930's, yet, if he had travelled to the United States, massive demonstrations would have undoubtedly ensued as a result of Jewish, Communist, leftist and liberal instigation. Hitler entered Paris in the wee morning hours, before the citizenry was up and about. He refers to his entrance in his table talks, where he comments about a woman who opened her shutters, looked down into the street and saw him, muttering, "The devil himself", or words to that effect. In 1933 a mob of enraged New Yorkers, the majority of them undoubtedly Jews and assorted communist allies, stormed on to a German ship docked in the harbor and violently tore down the ship's swastika flag, creating an international incident. The German American Bund held its largest mass meeting in 1938 in Madison Square Garden and the usual mobs of protestors turned out to wreak havoc at that event as well. It is true that most rank and file Americans were unwilling to go to war against Germany, so the Roosevelt administration, in alliance with the Jewish dominated media here, set about creating an atmosphere of hate and paranoia directed against Germany and German-Americans. There is an excellent book which I recommend to one and all which fully exposes all these machinations at the time: "Twas a Famous Victory", by Benjamin Colby. This is a MUST read, if you can find a copy. I used to have in my personal library a massive tome running about 1500 pages or so all stacked with anti-Hitler articles and caricatures from the American press during this period, which reveals of the extent of media bias directed against Germany and Hitler in particular. Unfortunately I no longer remember the title of this book and it would in any event be costly and very difficult to locate today.
- Joseph P. Bellinger, k0nsl-archives, 3/16/05