Song: 6 Million Jews (Misfits cover)

They call me a ‘nazi’ just because
I don’t believe in the “holocaust”
The things that happened to the jews in the second world war
Bullshit and lies I won’t take it anymore

I seen it all
I heard it all
The lampshades and soaps
Its all fairytales and jokes
I got one thing to say to you

6 000 000 jews didn’t die
6 000 000 jews didn’t die
6 000 000 jews didn’t die

They showed me the pictures from the camps
It wasn’t heaven, but don’t you understand
That the zionists said they went through a living hell
So they could steal a land and rename it israel

We’re on your side
The holocaust hoax
is about to be exposed
Now listen what the people are screaming:
6 000 000 jews didn’t die
6 000 000 jews didn’t die
6 000 000 jews didn’t die

The Nazis and SS shared their meager food, medicine, housing and much more with the Jews—even until the very last days of the war! The misery and deaths of thousands, Jews and non-Jews, in many of the camps at the end of the war were among the Allies' greatest achievements. Mass starvation of Germany (by naval blockade, initially) followed by disease had been among the principal goals of British, and later American, “strategy” from the beginning—and amazingly, some Jews died as well. Mass murder of innocent civilians from the air (bombing and strafing) was almost continuous during the last months of the war, weather permitting. The victors have nothing to be proud of. If Americans really want to find depraved “mass murderers,” they need only look at themselves in the mirror. Ultimately, all that holocaust propaganda and “scholarship” really proves is that when Hitler tried to expel Jews from Germany forever, he certainly had the right idea. For many people, World War 2 was the “Good War” as Studs Terkel, a typical award-winning Jew, tells us with his book of the same name. The truth is that Jews were the ultimate victors—but, what should seem more surprising is that Jews are still seen as the greatest “victims” ever. As far as what really happened to them, Jews have nothing to complain about. Some of them did die just like everyone else—and, why not? It was their war to begin with.
- Friedrich Paul Berg, CODOH
This interrogation of Goering was an informal affair and no shorthand note was taken. The interrogators merely made occasional notes of their points in which they were particularly interested from their angle. It seems to me that Goering was in addition saying quite a number of things which might have interest from an historical point of view. For instance, he stated that on September 1st when it was clear that war with England was inevitable, he begged Hitler to allow him to send over all the planes in the German Air Force to bombard the Fleet at Scapa Flow but Hitler had refused because he was convinced that once he had defeated Poland it would be easy to come to an understanding with England and France.
- Sir Harley Shawcross

“You must be rich buddy”

[18:20] <barney_aw> frigasack boys
[19:05] <barney_aw> i jsut ate a pound of ground beef lol
[19:05] <barney_aw> cooked itu p good though then i cheeched
[19:15] <k0nsl|prv> friggin’ right you did, man.
[19:17] <barney_aw> defrazzled some saltpepper cigretantlers onto it and it was awesomer as frig
[19:17] <k0nsl|prv> i just devoured a pizza, one bite and I was full. Jewsus christ it was topped out big tyme.
[19:18] <barney_aw> what kine?
[19:18] <barney_aw> what kine pizza buddy?
[19:19] <barney_aw> was it sausage and mushroom? thats my favrit kine
[19:20] <k0nsl|prv> it had all sorts of shit on it, even lobster.
[19:21] <barney_aw> friggin rights buddy! big tyme!
[19:21] <k0nsl|prv> rifk
[19:21] <k0nsl|prv> yeah buddy!

A time for a cup of coffee…

[14:34] <k0nsl|prv> “Obviously you and I are having a personal conflict of some kind here. Why don’t you tell me where you live and I come there and we’ll sit down and have a cup of coffee and talk things out.”
[14:34] <k0nsl|prv> veiled threat..? sounds like it.
[14:43] <@Digerati> nah, sounds like the precursor to a pleasant chat to me
[14:43] <@Digerati> k0nsl|prv: despite our history, I’d be happy to have a friendly coffee or beer with you :p
[14:43] <@Digerati> actually, maybe because of our history…?
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[14:46] * biff ( Quit (
[14:46] * RaGe[] (RaGe[] Quit (
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[15:14] <RaGe[]> k0nsl_: dont accept the cup of coffee after giving away ur location
[15:14] <RaGe[]> its just mossad trying to murder u
[15:14] <@Digerati> damnit RaGe[]
[15:14] <k0nsl|prv> hehe
[15:14] <@Digerati> plans ruined
[15:15] <@Digerati> new plan underway…
[15:15] <@Digerati> :3

Evolutionists do not demand suppression of Creationism; they have enough confidence in the scientific evidence for their case. The reverse is true of Holocaust Believers, who do everything in their power to prevent the revisionist case being heard, because at some level they know that the science is not on their side. An informed Revisionist scholar can tear the Holocaust apart. The evolutionary biologist has no such fears from Creationists.
- Kingfisher

The Awakening has Begun

[02:18] <b0b> im watching this black guy
[02:18] <b0b> kinda long
[02:18] <b0b> short attention span
[02:19] <k0nsl|prv> which one
[02:19] <k0nsl|prv> i wanna re-watch it
[02:19] <b0b> i dunno the black guy interviewed for wearing a nazi armband apparently?
[02:24] <k0nsl|prv>
[02:24] (k0nsl|prv) Hitler – The Awakening has Begun. – length 5m 19s – 278 likes, 13 dislikes (95.5%) – 10,671 views – Dennis Wise on 2014.02.27
[02:24] <k0nsl|prv> that’s another great black guy.
[02:24] <k0nsl|prv> its great to see more & more blacks interested in these things.
[02:25] <b0b> that last guy wasnt even black
[02:26] <k0nsl|prv> well Hagins is black, though.