“I give you 3 days k0nsl.”

[05:35] <slashsux> k0nsl|prv
[05:35] <slashsux> you around?
[06:00] <slashsux> god damn it
[06:03] <slashsux> I give you 3 days k0nsl. before I hire assassins to not even kill you. to just fuck with you, and watch you, and break in and get rid of things like.. a hair brush, and put caps lock on when you know you left it off. and every morning, the refrigerator will be slightly ajar, and you will wonder if they took a drink of something
[06:04] <slashsux> you’ll eventually start marking things, the level of drinks, and then every morning, the drinks will be below the sharpie line, and you freak the fuck out.
[06:04] <slashsux> and its perfect, because you’ll never change your fucking locks. because youre stupid.
[06:04] <slashsux> OR
[06:04] <slashsux> OR
[06:04] <slashsux> OR
[06:04] <slashsux> which, I prefer to happen…
[06:04] <slashsux> you just be a good system admin, and fix the god damn services.

Barney: “I’m gonna quit life now”

[16:26] < @barney> not laoding
[16:26] < @barney> i quit
[16:26] < @barney> not loading
[16:26] < @barney> im gonna quit
[16:36] < @barney> im gonna quit life now
[16:36] * @barney sets mode +suicide
[16:36] < @k0nsl_> NO!
[16:36] < @k0nsl_> DONT DO IT.
[16:36] < @k0nsl_> PLEASE MISTER.
[16:36] < @k0nsl_> WE LIKE YOU A LOT.
[16:36] * @k0nsl_ cries
[16:37] < @kollek> i think he is a fa
[16:37] < @kollek> g
[16:37] < @k0nsl_> barney?
[16:37] < @kollek> ya
[16:37] < @barney> im just another in the 500k to 4m grave okay
[16:37] < @k0nsl_> yeah that might be right, kollek.
[16:37] < @k0nsl_> might is right.
[16:37] < @barney> white
[16:37] < @kollek> ima make dinner soon
[16:37] < @k0nsl_> but I like barney, he cannot be a fag.
[16:37] < @k0nsl_> what’s for dinner?
[16:38] < @kollek> http://adderbadderkarbonader.dk/?p=1487
[16:38] < @kollek> stegt flæsk
[16:38] < @barney> last night i made
[16:38] < @barney> chicken stir fry
[16:38] < @barney> that looks pretty good
[16:38] < @k0nsl_> *mmm* very good :)
[16:38] < @barney> what is it?
[16:39] < @barney> it kinda looks a little gross but i bet it tastes delicious

The first to commit suicide, by hanging, was the Cossack editor Evgenij Tarruski. The second was General Silkin, who shot himself...When Cossacks refused to board the transportation, British soldiers with pistols and clubs began using their clubs, aiming at the heads of the prisoners. They first dragged the men out of the crowd, and threw them into the trucks. The men jumped out. They beat them again, and threw them onto the floor of the trucks. Again, they jumped out. The British then hit them with rifle butts until they lay unconscious, and threw them, like sacks of potatoes, in the trucks.
- Julius Epstein, Operation Keelhaul (1973)
I believe that through this [Eichmann] trial all thinking people will come to realize that in our day the gas chamber and the soap factory are what anti-Semitism may lead to.
- Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, December 1960

A Holocaust ‘denier’ banned from Battlefield 4

E-mailed EA the following:


I have been requested (more or less forced) to change my username (AHolocaustDenier). I am wondering; is this official EA policy to interfere in players personal convictions?

There are swarms of Communist emblems and names to that effect all over Battlelog / BF4, but a benign name such as “AHolocaustDenier” is apparently against the policy. So as for these Communist emblems / names (and whatever else); should they be removed, as well, or do you only target some?

I’m just curious. And somewhat perplexed.