k0nsl: you are the one denying very recent history, with more evidence for it [Holocaust] than evolution.
- LeMatt Saphirium, Google+ (2014)
Believe me, I came into Auschwitz in a much worse condition than I actually left it.
- Kitty Hart-Moxon (1998)

On the topic of Dresden

I fetched this from TheBlackRabbitofInlé.

Below’s something I found at the National Archives yesterday. Which, ironically, was partially on fire itself. (new window)

I’ve since learnt David Irving quotes this in the revised edition of his Dresden book. He found a copy in the USAF archive.

It’s a translation of an intercepted message from the police chief in Dresden, SS Gruppenführer Werner von Alvensleben, sent the day after the initial raid.

500,000 estimated to be homeless!


Judaism is Racism! If you are against racism, you must be anti-Semitic as well. Nearly everyone on the planet was racist a few decades ago, myself included--but we have matured and learned to respect our fellow man, generally, regardless of race. Jews, however, have managed to protect themselves as a group from this social revolution playing their holocaust card in every way possible. Without the holocaust hoax, they are doomed as a race. For them, the holocaust hoax is an existential issue. Shimon Perez, former Israeli Prime Minister and a Nobel prize winner, has often said that Israel must always maintain a Jewish majority. The Palestinian numbers within any state of Israel must always be controlled. Just try to imagine such a program espoused anywhere else on the planet by any other ethnic group. Calls of "racism" would follow instantly--and rightly so. So, if you are opposed to racism, then that is just one more reason to oppose the holocaust hoax as well. The holocaust hoax is just a tool of Jewish racism--no doubt, its most powerful tool. Nothing good comes from it. The worst that may come from it is a nuclear world war to defend Israel from people who merely want their land back.
- Friedrich Paul Berg, NaziGassings.com (Nazi Gassings Never Happened!)
The interrogation of Göring was an informal affair and no shorthand note was taken. The interrogators merely made occasional notes of their points in which they were particularly interested from their angle. It seems to me that Göring was in addition saying quite a number of things which might have interest from an historical point of view. For instance, he stated that on September 1st when it was clear that war with England was inevitable, he begged Hitler to allow him to send over all the planes in the German Air Force to bombard the Fleet at Scapa Flow but Hitler had refused because he was convinced that once he had defeated Poland it would be easy to come to an understanding with England and France. This sort of thing is not really our concern, but it does seem to me that it would be useful to extract all the information we could out of these people before they are executed, or at any rate to make sure that all the information which is extracted from them, even if it is not of direct use to the Prosecutors, is made public as soon as possible.
- Chief British Prosecutor at the Nuremberg trial Sir Harley Shawcross, 4th November, 1945 (i.e. over a fortnight before the IMT commenced), Carbon-copy of a personal letter addresses to a "Pat" found in UK National Archives: WO 311/705 (a British IMT team admin file), pp.32-33.
"I love strong opponents! It's such fun to break their backs! said the Leningrad interrogator Shitov. And if your opponent (e.g. your prisoner) is so strong that he refuses to give in, all your methods have failed and you are in a rage? Then, don't control your fury! It's tremendously satisfying, that outburst! Let your anger have its way; don't set any bounds to it. Don't hold yourself back! That's when interrogators spit in the open mouth of the accused! And shove his face into a full toilet! That's the state of mind in which they drag Christian believers around by their hair. Or urinate in a kneeling prisoner's face! After such a storm of fury you feel yourself a real honest-to-God man!"
- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago