On the topic of “The Blitz”…

I collected this from Charles Traynor via RODOH.


I can’t wait to get stuck into this book. Whilst I was leafing through it earlier today I came across something which reminded me of that whinging bore NexGen. For years this moron has been moaning almost continually about the London Blitz and how Jeff Hargeaves’s garden shed sustained a cracked window as a result of German bombing.

Today a different truth is revealed. Even before the big Terror Bombing raids on German cities had begun in earnest the Allies were already engaged in the indiscriminate murder of civilians living in Continental Europe.

Midday Situation Conference
December 12, 1942, In the Wolfsschanze

Beginning 12:45 p.m.


Situation in the Air

CHRISTIAN: Yesterday the enemy carried out some major daytime attacks against France. With many of his fighter units he first played some kind of running game with our fighter units, then he flew in with 17 aircraft over Rouen to just south of Paris, under relatively low cloud cover. Consequently, he came out again with the majority of his aircraft. Fighters near Paris shot down 2 four-engine aircraft plus 3 Spitfires. Some damage occurred near Rouen―for example, a French orphanage was hit―but there was actually only damage to the civilian population.

THE FÜHRER: Those are the honorable Allies; we can’t help them.

JODL: We could bring that out in the French press.

[Emphasis mine]


Hitler and His Generals, Helmut Heiber & David M. Glantz, Eds. p.53

Bahraini prince joins Takfiri militants in Syria

This is laughable. An American scout, first member of the British backed royal family, trained in Guantanamo Military Academy, now in Syria to fight for international Zionism.
Long live Bashar al-Assad! Death to international Zionism!

Read more: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/01/07/344330/bahraini-prince-joins-takfiris-in-syria/

Steve Shives / ‘Five Stupid Things About Holocaust Denial’

Steve Shives tried to debunk and vilify “Holocaust Denial”, but is pulled apart by the CODOH Revisionist Forum participants.

Link to discussion: http://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8297

How many millions of Jews were in these camps at any particular time? How many had passed through the Reinhard camps or other transit camps just like them? What happened to the Jews as the Soviets advanced westward eventually? How many Jews were the Germans able to take west with them? What happened to the Jews that came under Soviet control? How many Jews were killed by Soviet forces for having been pro-German collaborators? Why were the Auschwitz Jews so terrified of the Soviets that they actually "chose" in huge numbers to go west with the retreating SS, supposedly the greatest, mass murderers of Jews, rather than be "liberated" by Soviet forces. Elie Wiesel and his father both "chose" to go with the SS.
- Friedrich Paul Berg
Americans! Why don't this once so proud people break free from the Zionists who are holding them by their throat? Throw the Zionists out, keep only the most criminal ones in prison camps after they are convicted for their crimes, then cancel the Federal Reserve all together. Cancel any and all monetary "aid" to Israel too, and sever all diplomatic connections. Demand of them only one thing: give up the land they stole, and let the Palestinians set the agenda. That would be the only right thing to do. With the above in mind, anything will be better than being ruled by these criminal Zionists. You will prosper like you used to. Also you will be free without them.
- k0nsl, commentary at RT USA