Some people still believe the 9/11 story..

For thousands of years people said “how can you argue with all the people who see the sun rise in the east and set in the west?” Nothing has changed. One shouldn’t bother with these fuckheads, if they’re stupid enough to believe it, let them. There are millions of people that don’t believe it, more all the time.

If you know German, watch 11. September – Die dritte Wahrheit – Extended Edition [Recut].

If America would just mind it's own business, drop their support for that shitty little genocidal state 'israel', everything in the world would be so much better.
- benito in #taunet
Svoboda is perhaps the biggest challenge facing Ukrainian Jewry today.
- Oleksandr Feldman, Ukrainian Jewish Committee President

The US of A and its own holocaust crimes around the world

Via ‘been-there’:

In 1901, Gen. Franklin Bell, who commanded US forces in Luzon, the island group that included Manila and roughly half the country’s population, told the New York Times that there in Manila alone some 600,000 had been killed in military operations or died from disease.

As another American general put it, “It may be necessary to kill half the Filipinos in order that the remaining half of the population may be advanced to a higher plane of life than their present semi-barbarous state affords.”



But there can only be ONE ‘holocaust’, there’s no room on the market for the real ones. What a racket it all is.